SOLVED (sorta) - Game map opens with every session change

Every time I undock, jump a gate, jump a wormhole, or do anything else that causes a session change with (PI appears to be the exception…unless PI no longer creates a session change) the F9 map opens up, and I have to manually close it.

This happens on all accounts on my launcher.

I have tried running with DirectX 9. I have tried clearing in-game cache. Neither have made a difference. I have yet to find anyone else experiencing this problem.

I have filed a Bug report with CCP, under a different character name.

I still have this issue, though it does not exist when I switch to SiSi in the launcher.

After trying some things out, this only happens when the F9 map is set to dock left or dock right. If it is set to full screen or floating, it does not open with jumps/undocks.

I have figured out that, if the window is docked and I close it using F9, the window will open with the next undock/jump. If I close the window using the X in the upper right corner, it does not come back. It’s annoying to have to hit the X rather than the shortcut key, but far less annoying than the window continually opening.

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