Shortcut to close new probe interface?

(Zhilia Mann) #1

So I haven’t been scanning much lately and I’m trying to make peace with the new scanner. I’m almost there, but I still haven’t found a keybind that will close the probing map. Alt-p opens it well enough; is there a way to close it without clicking?

(Kiauze) #2

F9 closes the probing map. :wink:

(Nora Maldoran) #3

Cmd+W works for nearly all windows. (You might have to make it active by clicking in it first)

This can be very handy when you have multiple windows open and need to clear them quickly. But it won’t close your overview and chat.

I discovered it accidentally when I tied to close a tab in my browser on the other screen. However the EVE client was active and it closed the window there instead the tab in my browser.

(Zhilia Mann) #4

This works. Consistently. That’s the answer I needed. I should be able to move the muscle memory from F10 to F9 without too much trouble.

This works if, yes, you have the right focus, but you also have to NOT be using the full screen scanning interface. If you do happen to be in full screen the whole things stays open.

I also found that if you ARE in full screen, escape also works. So now I have options. Thanks.

(Shiloh Templeton) #5

It’s a shortcut you can define in the ESC menu

(Zhilia Mann) #6

Oddly, I specifically looked there. I found the default alt-p to OPEN the probe interface, but hitting it again won’t close the map, just the probe window. Hence the question here.

(Duo Roman) #7

Alt+p will close the Probe window again ONLY if the Probe window is undocked from the Map window.
To close/open the Map window use “F9” key.
I strongly suggest undocking both the Dscan window and the Probe window from the Map window.