[SOLVED] Strange artifacts on popped biocombinative caches

EDIT: fixed with the 15/11 update

Ever since the latest expansion went live, the wrecks of biocombinative caches (and only those) in Abyssal deadspace pockets have looked like the image below – three black blots with shimmering red/white edges.

Thinking it was a corrupted resource, I have cleared cache and set EVE to download the full client, hoping it would overwrite whatever got broken.

Playing with the graphics settings made no difference – even in potato mode the effect is there, and it remains limited to this specific object. Everything else renders properly so far.

I haven’t yet tried a complete download & reinstall of EVE (limited time, and mediocre internet connection = keeping that as a last resort). If anyone has any idea on what’s going on here and how to fix it, I’d appreciate your insight.

(Playing on an Apple M1 Pro)