Our Little Mac OSX problems

Dark screen on the first launch from an NPC station
The client or my computer is slow to gather the data before creating the outside world. Do any other Mac users experience long dark transition screens? PS it takes the same time at Jita or at Tar! (can we view outside NPC station please)

CCP, am I vulnerable during this time?

No in-game web browser
Wow, this is weird. If anyone sends a link to an in-game chat or messages channel it asks to open in my main browser. But crucially does not open the in-game message channel window.

Still loving the game. Do you have any similar gripes? Chime in.


The in-game browser has been gone for a while. Standard lack in time/ababliy for CCP to maintain- security reasons etc.

Screen dark on first undock - I think that is also pretty much standard. Happens both from NPC and Upwell. If you are undocking from NPC - you have like 10 secs of safe time. Normally the screen takes like 10-30 secs.


Any chance of fixing the graphics/memory issue that leads to unexpected crashes? This is ongoing well over 2+ years now and continues to plague Mac users. This is a fairly critical issue that effectively makes EVE unplayable for any activity except spinning in stations.


I agree! I quit playing over a year ago because I got sick of the unexpected crashes every 15-20 minutes. I miss the hell out of this game but ever since the new launcher came out this issue has plagued us Mac users.

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Thank you, I didn’t know this. I saw this in a few youtube videos and wondered, “cool, where is mine?”

I used to experience crashes in high-traffic systems (such as Jita), usually when warping to a station or undocking (yeah, can you think of a better place for the EVE client to lock-up other than the Jita undock?)

This has now expanded to include almost any system after x period of time has elapsed. It always happens when you’re about to jump through a gate or just warping to a station after immediately exiting a gate. This only seems to happen with stations, though - not Citadels.

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