[SOLVED] Terminal says: 12: export: Online/evelauncher: bad variable name

Hi all,
I just made a fresh install of Linux Mint 18.3 on my laptop.
I also installed Wine and Winetricks and after that I downloaded the EVE laucnher for Linux by Snorlax.

After extracting it in the appropriate folder and opening the evelauncher.sh file in terminal, I get the following message in terminal:

/home/pjotr/EVE Online/evelauncher/evelauncher.sh: 12: export: Online/evelauncher: bad variable name

Anyone know what could be wrong?

Try renaming the EVE Online folder to EVEOnline - the space character might be causing an issue.

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I wish life was always that easy.
Thank you very much Snorlax :wink:

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