I was not aware this was a feature in citadels, thanks for the clarification.

This already exists for citadels and is unlikely to get moved to stations also for that reason

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Agree with Nevyn, the feature already exists. It’s a substantial feature, makes sense that it be associated with the costs of owning your own infrastructure.

If I understand correctly, CCP is only making nullsov stations go away… in a perfect world, they’d make them all go away.

Imagine the shitstorm in Jita if Jita 4-4 were to go away, and players could vie for that much market activity. The number of structures that would get destroyed, the isk lost to asset safety over and over again. It would be beautiful.

Personally, if it was up to me. Using Jita as an example:

I would
1: Reduce all NPC structures per system to 1.
2: And by constellation - have one (Fort) Citadel and then a mixture of EC and Refs in the remaining systems.

Jita would get a Keep Star as well as the other major hubs. (No NPC tether).

Over all, just reduce the number of NPC stations, give them Upwell structures, but with less features for players.

At first I thought that was a poor/pointless idea.

And then I got to thinking… what if you were to blockade a system and prevent them from refueling the upwell structure. You could literally turn off a market hub with a significant enough presence.

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