Some Ideas of mine


Rework safety

  1. remove ability to switch safety to red in HS. You need to find a WH or gate to LS/NS to safety red. Can still suspect.
  2. FacPo hunts red safeties in HS.
  3. of course when you lose ship, undock, change ship your safety reverts to green. You can also do it manually.

Loot right not shared among fleet members

When a ship is destroyed, only players that had a timer with the pilot are allowed to loot it. No more waiting with an alt in a DST. If you want to loot, you need to defend the loot until you can come back, or have your alt become suspect.

Of course this means removal of abandoning cans, except those that you dropped yourself.

This should also be applied to PVE. No more alt looting stuff : drop a MTU and come back in another ship.

Prevent overshot gain

This is not only for HS but anti-alpha.

Every second a ship took damage, this ship acquires 4 stacks of “drop ratio”, up to 100 (so after 25s of constant fire).
Every second a ship does not take damage, it loses 1 stack.
When a ship dies, the loot probability for each item is multiplied by the number of stacks and divided by 100. If you alpha a ship, then 0% loot. If you take 13s to kill it with one shot per second, then 50% of the loot.

Drop ratio impacted by ss

This would affect PVE and PVP.
Each system has a wastage ratio. This wastage ratio is 0.5 + truesec/2 : in 1.0 the wastage is 100% : you don’t loot a fthing.
Could also use the present function of reward multiplier (1.63-truesec IIRC) as loot multiplier, but of course divided by the maxvalue (=2.63) . So in 1.0 this would be 0.63/2.63 = 23.9% and in -1.0 100%.