Some Ideas of mine

Industry and production


  • Players can create acceptance level for couple (variation, mutaplasmid). eg “web T2+ gravid with strengthj >=62” or “web T2 + gravid with 11km range and <50CPU usage”.
  • accepted mutations can be put inside fits. stats are defined considering worst acceptable item. (so in precious first case, str = 62)
  • Allows to use a mutated item instead of the basic item . So you can use the same broken item again. In that case, the item id remains the same, but the attributes change.
  • when crafting using mutaplasmid, let players specify
    1. acceptance levels used. eg the two previous.
    2. number of base item used (so max item produced). The first one can be a mutated item to recract, but next one must be the base item of the first one.
    3. number of mutaplasmids used. The slider has maximum value of number available for player.
    4. this interface should also give the number of expected result based on the acceptance level. Typically a 3-attribute mutaplasmid that can give -20% to +20% on the three attributes, has a 1/8 chance to produce a mutation with all attributes positives. So if my acceptance is “all positive” and I choose to create 6 items, then it should tell me “average 48 required mutaplasmids required”
  • Use system cost index to add tax on mutated items. EIV is adjusted(mutaplasmid)+adjusted(base), multiplier is 1 (not 0.02 like it is for copy/invention/research)
  • Also using a mutaplasmid takes an industry job for 1000s/ mutaplasmid used.


This is a huge one. First we need to affirm our model of mining, what is wrong, what needs to change.

Goals for mining

Mining is an activity that allows players to “mine” asteroids to acquire resources they can then use to build, or sell other players. This is more akin to harvesting than mining.

This activity is aimed as being slow-paced one, with a large amount of resources to avoid competition. NPCs interactions are very limited, however nothing prevents player interactions. This means players can play together or against the others.

However since that activity is very simple, it is also easily botted, removing the tedious of the activity as well as the interactions with other players.

The goal of those changes is to make the activity less tedious and less bottable.


  • Mining lasers automatically switches target when their roid is depleted. They are activated on the closest targeted roid that matches their crystal, if any. This means there is no need for tedious action “click again”. Placement is the key (and target management). Also the server stops the laser from mining a roid whenever this roid is empty (no more mining empty roid unless you are several players on it)
  • When someone warps to the mining site, there is a noise (eg small capacitor charging) so there is no need to V every 10s to check if someone is warping.
  • When a roid is depleted, it deals 2 instances of damage in a 30km and a 60km area based on target sig(this is to not prevent ventures and drones from being useful) . The wider one deals 4 times less damage (radius ×2). This means, the more grouped you are, the more damage you take. The goal is not to kill ships but to force them to step away. Basically this would deal no damage to hull. Another effect could be to increase laser mining cycle by 50% ? The issue is that this would require more ships, not less. Maybe apply the effect on the beginning of the cycle ? This means you could grief people by activate/deactivate your laser.
  • divide the ore per roid by two, multiply the number of roids by two.


Base materials for production and salvaging

Instead of having BASE reduction with ME/TE, make it be a WASTAGE reduction :

  • each item has a required quantity of each item to produce it. Typically 80% of the present items requirement, rounded up.
  • base waste is 25% ADDED waste on the required quantity. 80% ×(100+25)/100=100% , so actual quantity is the same.
  • waste is applied rounded down.
  • ME level of BP applies a reduction on those 25% waste : waste = base×100/(100+ME×7) . At ME=10 this gives 0.75+0.25/(1+.7) = 0.897 of present requirements .
  • structure bonus apply the same way. instead of 1% reduction in material requirements, we have a 7 reduction in material wastage.
  • this allows to research ME above 10.

Same for reprocessing :

  • each type has a % wastage. The higher the tech level , the higher the wastage, with a maximum value of 37.5% (to get from 80% minimum required types to 50% present reprocess value).
  • When reprocessing an item
  • types that are required as quantity 1 are salvaged as their sub types instead . This means that a T2 huggin which requires a bellicose is salvaged as if it required the items of the bellicose instead of the bellicose itself.
  • then a wastage is applied, rounded up, based on the % wastage of each type. and applied the scrapmetal skill. The huggin is reprocessed to say 1000 tritanium, tritanium has a 10% wastage, then the wastage of tritanium during reprocessing is 1000×10/(100+1.25×scrapmetal). 1.25 is here to keep same maximum ratio for 37.5% type waste at scrapmetal 5.
  • this allows to train scrapmetal above 5.