Some more ideas for faction warfare

Here are my thoughts on Faction Warfare…

I wonder what the ultimate goal of each faction is?
All storytelling in Eve begins with the four empires at war, but what do they want to reach?

The simplest story is between the Amarr and the Minmatar.

But what will be achieved when the Amarr have taken over the entire war zone? Why would they stop “the Reclaiming” at system xyz in the war zone?
Why they shouldnt push any further?

Why would the Minmatar stop freeing their fellows in System xyz? Why wouldn’t they push further to Rome (erm…amarr) to stop the Emperor himself?

Perhaps the ultimate story of the war should meant to affect all of high security space in some way… big or small impacts, I don’t know, but I think it should hurt.
What would you think if the Amarr need the slaves as some kind of fuel for their society or ships or stations or whatever? What if you only got them from the Minmatar planets (perhaps in the FW zone?) Wouldn’t make it the ware zone more important?
What if the freed slaves had the same value for the Minmatar?

What could are unique resources in Caldari and Galente space?

I don’t have a solution finally but what do you think about those thoughts?
I think that FW is a mechanic that should have a impact to the realms and should directly connected to the background story of eve.
FW players should push the story of the high security space forward like the players in 0.0 space do in their stories of the alliances.

Finally, a few words about the civilians flying into the war zone. A warning should be given before they entering a war zone like: “All civilians are not protected by Concord, nor are civilian killings will be penalized”. (no loss of security status)
“Enter at your own risk!”

Let’s talk constructivly…
@CCP_Fozzie @CCP_Aurora

The Amarr breed the slaves themselves now, so it doesn’t make sense to only get them in Minmatar space. I don’t think you need unique resources for the empries to fight. The backstory is rich enough to feed to conflict.

As for why the empires would stop fighting, all you have to do is look at the Israel / Palestine conflict. They quiet down for a time, and then go back at it later.

If you want a more gameplay centric feature, you can take a look at the updated portion of this post, where I detail a way to get fast paced action into specific systems the ai generals guiding the factions choose.

There was also some fw discussion centered around pve here.

In your post you write about a proxy war and actually you are right, but does that fit with all the stories and trailers from ccp about New Eden?

As @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras says, “If you attack another empire, don’t expect to still be friends with them.”
As an FW pilot you register with the navy of your empire. You’re right. It seems like a proxy war because you have to join a militia instead of the real navy.
The point I want to make here is: Why?
If Eve is a game about community and player-driven storytelling, why aren’t FW pilots flying for their empires able to change the history of empires?
I think FW shouldn’t be a small arena where a player does some small gang fights with no impact?

The question is, even for a proxy war, what is the larger goal for the empires and what happened when it will be achieved?
What if the minmatar conquer amarr or the caldari take take control over the galente? Was it CCP Seagul who once said: The Empires will loose their grasp?

Currently, most players have an alt in both militias, so they can gain LP if one side lost the most of their systems.
What if there’s a goal that can only be reached under extrem circustances, so there is no reason to switch the sides?

Let’s start with the FW players conquering parts of the high security space and taking the war deeper into the realms.
Maybe the FW will have to fight the NPC Navy as well. A new frontline mechanic could start a mobilization in the Navy, so more and more NPCs will join as FW pilots delve deeper into HighSec.

The non FW pilots in the systems can stay, but lose Concord’s “protection” as I mentioned above.
Maybe there’s just a small corridor to static systems in highsec or something…

And about the Amarr… What does the reclaiming even mean under the current FW-system?

If you watched the fanfest announcement, they’re changing that. FW will affect not only all of the empire territory, but the other areas as well (eventually.) The system they test through fw may eventually be what sov warfrare switches to.

I doubt that will ever happen. CCP wont allow any of the factions to entirely lose, since there’s so much invested in their development. What you might end up seeing, is something similar to the intaki situation when the caldari first took over all of the caldari-gallante warzone.

FW is switching the objective based gameplay. There aren’t any detials on how difficult that will be.

That im not sure. You’d have to ask a lore guy, they might have an answer for you.

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