Some QoL things. Overview, D-scan, nolocalwasthebestthingever

Look at the title, now look at this, now look at the picture.
Now read this.

d-scan window should have the same options as the overview [columns, types, states, etc], or at least let us order the columns on d-scan too.
They should also be able to align bottom, showing the results from bottom to top regardless of size of list (reverse scroll).

detachable tabs and all three [tabs, selected items, scanning tools} should be able to align vertically and stick to anything as usual.

make it so that we can place it anywhere, pin/unpin, transparancy, stick, and so on.

no limit on size, transparancy options, pin/unpin, foldable border (dubbelclick currenty fullscreen on/off)

thank you.

Everything except yellow and for the love of god pink is way over do. I’m still pissed D-scan got a hot key. QOL is fin but clunk can be a way of balance and D-scan is already strong enough

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