Something up with Tranquility?

Extremely long login… I just undocked and have been staring at a black screen for the past 2 minutes. When the game finally materialized there was no TiDi or other indications of anything amiss. Seems really sluggish, though. Are the Tranquility Hamsters hungry again?


Yes TQ has had some issue as early as yesterday before downtime.Apart from sluggish behaviour some other issues like having your ship ejected out of your citadel after docking and login off.
This ■■■■ has happened before like 1 month ago

Admittedly yes, and almost at the same time the Federation Grand Prix event kickstarted. The game itself (loading time in undocking, FPS, changing sessions when jumping systems, etc.) has become awfully sluggish as of late.

And at times, I am also experiencing graphical glitches; The ships I fly become “see through” (I can see the other side of the ship, a middle square in my screen freezes up and it no longer registers movement of any kind.

Them hamsters seem to be sitting out, or their wheels have become clogged.

Same problems, FPS unstable, it feels like it’s a picture show sometimes…

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