Sometimes when I dock I get a black screen and the game freezes

Happens regularly, it’s getting annoying now.

I’m using Zorin OS Ultimate.

I have to then close the game down by shutting the Terminal, then restarting it from scratch.

So annoying.

UPDATE: I think it has something to do with the unstable wifi I was using at the time.

Problem seems to have disappeared since I’ve moved to a new building.

Will post if any changes.

Hi there, the problem could be that the game is downloading files, you can set in the launcher settings for the game to download all game files. Once it has downloaded all the game files this problem will go away, at least I hope it will because I get the same problem, I entered a station and it took a long time before it downloaded the station. Then I used the nex store to plex my account, after leaving the store I’m waiting on it to load the station again, presumably it is download other files in the background and so its unable to download ‘bulk data’ or what ever it needs to reload the station.

Oh it just loaded the station again now…

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Thank you so much.

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