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Main Post: It would be interesting to use a “SOS” distress button on the main interface to send not only the help request, but also a location pin and the type and number of attacking ships to all allies / players in the system. . The S.O.S. notice: you can open a small window with this information and two buttons Help (jump to the location) and Ignore (close window and ignore request). I would expand the S.O.S. for the entire region, but if it’s on the local system, it will be great.

Post-interaction update: Then follow the mechanics suggestion.
1- The button would be on the main screen, possibly close to the sidebar, and would work only manually;
2- It would only be enabled for calling if it met the following conditions:
a) Be under attack PvP;
b) Be within local reach or at most jump through the star gate;
c) Not having used the resource in the last 72 hours;
d) Not be in a level system equal to or higher than 0.8.
3- When making the request, the system will send the signal only to one of the previously programmed groups: Faction, Corporation or Local System.
4- The hostile activity message will open the following information to the group members above:
a) The type of ship (first aggressor) and name / corporation / faction;
b) The precise location of the attack;
c) the commands [Jump], activating the altomatic pilot to the target location, and [ignore], closing the screen and ignoring the call.
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I like the idea, would need to make it so that it cant be spammed and just annoy your neighbors though.


Nah, that OK.


It may make it easier for hunters to find him to, as long as there is no limited acces and anyone within range can see it id be ok with it.

you already have this button. it is called “use comms” or “ping on discord” or “www in fleet chan/corp chan/alliance chan”.
Don’t be lazy and ask for things getting easier


It’s called local?

But what if i wanted to use it as a form of bait to sucker idiots into my fleet ready to kill?

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If in the real world we use this type of resource, why not in a simulation? It is not about being easier, the time of action of the sos does not guarantee salvation, the help would hardly arrive in time to prevent death, but it can make the enemy think twice before attacking a helpless ship, for example.
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As I said, SOS goes to local allies or ships (in your corporation). It can be predefined or from your civilization. Of course, this forces the player to be part of a group or to risk sending the SOS to everyone. For those who receive, when it is for everyone, you would have the option to ignore, right?
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I find it a very attractive implementation, especially for newbies. It would give a more realistic dynamic and would require a more elaborate strategy from the pirates to avoid being caught. After all, CONCORD does not operate on all systems and is not under the jurisdiction of the players. Perhaps the model for the process itself needs to be well discussed and tested. More ideas?
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How will help jump to your location?


Funny how changes is always mentioned in conjunction with… but it will help the newbies when the real reason is more selfish.

You will effectively kill the need for any jump drives or systems the game has to control large movements of ships. understand the game before you make suggestions that will break a big part of low/null even more than it currently is. Granted the recent cyno changes was a step in the right direction.

I don’t know if I understood correctly by translating into my language, but let’s see. In the hunter’s view, any benefit to hunting is selfish. Curious how the suggestion generates different reactions. I understood the difference in security levels well and didn’t complain about the loss of resources, it’s the game. EVE seemed like a good game, but I realize that there is a fear when it comes to leveling. I guarantee that the mass of players would find the suggestion good.
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First they demand an SOS button to send out a ping, so friends can try to reach them in time.

They still die, but less likely.

Next they demand that NPCs react to the SOS button, because what if there is no one around.

They still die, but even less likely.

Next they demand for the NPCs to react quicker, because they still die.

They still die anyway, but the chances are low.

Next they demand that NPCs react instantly, as soon as an aggression happens.

In no way or form should such rubbish be supported. There is no bottom end to such ideas. There will always be someone, who believes that it is not enough. The lower you set the bar, the lower the bar will drop eventually. Worse, with your idea of using this mechanic, you’d be accelerating the process.

Please ■■■■ off.

You have an SOS button that alerts the whole solar system in the real world?


There were times when a single HELP! brought people to windows and strangers to take a look.
These days are long gone. Definitely useful in real life, but in EVE it screams …

… and I quote …

■■■■ off.

Literally one of those assholes who bark at the other dog,
while hiding behind a much bigger dog.

Last thing this game needs is even more opportunities for the powerless chihuahas to pretend they’re big dogs.

My mother is elderly, her cell phone has an SOS button. Doctors have Pagers to receive emergency messages from patients. Aeronaver and ships have SOS systems for distress calls. This is our real world for now and it has SOS in it. But instead of looking for an argument for not having this tool in the game, wouldn’t it be more useful to discuss a mechanics for this function that is balanced for all levels of players? Think about it.
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So, who decides what to implement or not is the developer. The purpose of a forum is to discuss ideas and feasibility. Some answers somewhat out of focus, without a more objective argument. I really expected to see a lot of suggestions for how this mechanic might work, but that’s it, life goes on.
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You still haven’t answered why local is not good enough.

Yeah, I don’t think they will implement it to be honest.