Sound effects while zoomed out of ship

Ok im trying to figure this one out. the volume of ship effects decreases if you zoom out of your ship you wont hear none of the turrets or missile launchers. How can you maintain the volume of ship effects such as turrets and missile launchers if you zoom out your ships view?

I think this goes along with the same effect that if you zoom out, you actually cannot see the missile firing off, or pew pews. and its to help save processing or something… They recently redid the missiles that if you are firing at someone roughly 70km away, you can’t see the missiles to a certain point.

As there’s no sound in space the “lore reason” is that your camera probes simulate sound. The farther away you get, the quieter the simulation to the point where it goes away.

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never got into the lore, but I like his explanation better, and it makes sense from the sound in space perspective.

I’m just curious as to why you posted this in two different forums (, doesn’t that dilute the responses ?

I posted it in a different forum, but was told by a game master after creating my ticket, that in this section of the forum I would be able to take this to the game designer.

My idea is simple. I like to play zoomed out of the ship. I am asking for an option in the settings that would give me sound effects like explosions missiles and turrets while being far away from the ship, the game doesn’t have this option.

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