Audio centered at ship, not camera?

I’d like to be able to hear what’s going on around my ship while also being able to zoom out far enough to see what’s going on, but I know of no way to put my audio at my ship location; when I zoom out to see where things are, I lose my audio of what’s happening around me. Can there be a check box or something for that?

Your vision drones prob dont have the ability to hear from far out, which is why you cant hear until up close

Right, but I’m inside my ship hull, so I should be able to hear.

you are in a self contained pod, the drones around your ship allow you to see and hear. when they fly away from the ship, any sound around the ship is silent as well…

Yes, and I am my ship’s equipment. I want to hear the audio feed from the hull I am embodying, not from the camera drone.

But the sounds come from the camera drones. Space has no sound.

It could be a part of the doppler effect setting, since it’s meant to simulate the way that sound changes based on distance, etc.

Yeah the different camera angles have different sounds… The Tactical camera has everything distant and the Orbit camera has everything crisp and clear… It’s an odd one.

the sounds you hear, are simulations that the drones make for you to hear what is going on… when you zoom out, you won’t hear them as much as when the drones are closer to the ship.

What he’s saying makes perfect sense, the only sound you would hear is through the hull of your ship. Why can’t he just swap from “simulated camera drones sound” to “what I can actually hear through my hull sound.”

And to answer this exact point

But the sounds come from the camera drones. Space has no sound

Yeah, then why can’t they generate the sound at the ships location, not their own?

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