Sound Issues

There appears to be multiple problems with the sound. The ewar sounds are now gone and the explosion sounds cannot be heard any longer as well. And a ship has the warp sound, even though it is not in warp or not moving.

Mass test coming up to deal with this

That’s very interesting. Can you give us more details about the circumstances, where you experienced this? Is this happening all the time or just in specific cases? For the case that it is only in some cases: How many objects (ships, drones, structures, asteroids) were around you, when it happened?
Please send also a bug report about this. Thanks!

Note: We have also already noticed some missing sounds in some cases, but it was much more limited.

Edit: Oooops, I just noticed, that you already sent bug reports. Thanks a bunch, I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

Hey, Singularity has been updated today with a bunch of fixes. This should hopefully fix the problems with missing sounds (especially ECM), but it will probably not fix the sticking sounds.
It would be great, if you could give it a go and see if this also works for you.

Explosion sounds missing still + ships playing warp sound when not in warp

Those remaining issues are being worked on.

For the time being the audio changes has been disabled on Singularity, and will return for the next mass test in a few weeks.

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