Sovereign Industrial - EU/US TZ HiSec Industrial Corp

Sovereign Industrial is a longstanding corp focused on industry and other aspects of PvE Content.

Who We Are:
We are an a group of Older Vets and new bros that are looking to expand our ranks with like minded individuals willing to teach and learn.

Primarily EU/US TZ

What We Do:
We will be primarily focused on High Sec industry, manufacturing, inventing, and mining. Multiple scheduled group mining ops every week, often a standing mining fleet running in our home system.

We love to teach, but also accept older vets that want to help teach new bros as well. Our only requirements are a good attitude and the desire to help your fellow capsuleer.

Both Omega and Alphas are welcome.

For Recruitment Information send me an in-game mail or join S-F-A Public and strike up a conversation