Space Limited - Recruiting Bloodthirsty Industrialists

Space Limited is recruiting Indy/Ratting Pilots that are willing to Pvp as well. Join our recruitment channel SL Recruitment.

What we offer:

  • Null Sec Sov Space (Drone Region)
  • Free R16 Moons
  • Low Tax Rate of 5%
  • Buyback Programs
  • Intel Channels
  • Many systems to rat and do exploration in
  • Corp BPOs available for use to corp members.
  • Alliance PVP Fleets to participate in
  • Free fitted ships to start out with for newer players that want to get started out with making some isk in Null Sec
  • Corp Guides and Fittings for various Sites
  • Relatively chill environment, without the need for major time commitments so that everyone can enjoy the game the way they like it.

Our Goal:

  • Have our members make new friends and build a strong community.
  • Allow our members to explore and discover new ways on how to make isk, pvp, and have fun.


  • ANZ/SEA TZ, however, we do have a very significant part of the corp that is made up of US/EU TZ players as well.

Recruitment Channels:

Discord → Space Limited

EVE → SL Recruitment

Recruiters → Keira Talari, Evareus Tendoran

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We are still recruiting! \o/

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Still Recruiting :smiley:

o/ We have stopped taking in new recruits atm

We have started taking in new recruits again :slight_smile:

Still Recruiting :smiley:

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