Space trucker/salvager looking for a home (not around Jita, prefer Hek, Rens or Dodixie if possible)

Hi there,
For some reason i enjoy hauling cargo and salvaging more than a lot of other activities in Eve (I do enjoy mining now and then but it’s mainly just to catch up on box sets on netflix).

I can fly tech 2 industrials, an adequately fitted Noctis and also tech 2 mining barges, would like to own a freighter some day (just beacuse i like the look of them) although earning enough isk to be able to buy one let alone afford to lose one is something i don’t think will ever happen.

I am an old fart (49) and play casually for a bit of fun and enjoyment so would not be able to 100% commit to ‘mandatory ops’.
Just looking for any high-sec carebear corp who could use someone to haul their wares to trade hubs (or wherever they are needed) anywhere but Jita or surrounding areas. I don’t have any interest in pvp and I have never lived in nullsec, although curious just to see a Rorqual in action, just too lazy to be bothered with constant d-scanning and looking over my shoulder rather than enjoying the task at hand, be it hauling, salvaging or mining. Could possibly be tempted if you have your own combat and industrial divisions, so the combat folk run patrols/rat etc. while the industrialist can mine, haul etc. Also interested in the production side of things.

I understand that Jita is the main trade hub but it’s a bit too hectic that way for my old ass. Ideally like to find and settle into a corp with an easy going nature who could use someone to move their stuff for them and to clean up wrecks and loot after others have been running level 4 missions etc. Would also be able to join in mining ops now and then.

If this sounds like something your corp could use, please drop a message (here or in-game). I am UK based. Thanks for reading.

07 social instructor could potentially be a good spot for you. We pride ourselves up having a good committee and a mature atmosphere. If you’re interested in null sec. We can definitely put your Mini barges to work along with have sites to salvage after people are done ratting them. We could also use help to move materials between systems in our consolations.

If this sounds like something that might interest you feel free to message me in game Titus Kyle or join our discord and we can talk.

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