Spaceballs Incorporated - Pilots Wanted - High/Nullsec

Recruitment is now OPEN to all races and all skill levels. We are looking for more industrialists to maintain our industry core. If you’re new to EVE, no worries, you’re welcome to join too. Contact a recruiter today and get started!

What We Offer
✪ Regular and organised alliance wide activities
✪ Mining boosts, high refining yields and access to null sec ores
✪ Training and support for new and old players
✪ Mission support for levels 1-4
✪ 24/7 privately hosted voice comms
✪ Lower tax than NPC corps
✪ Incentive programs and competitions
✪ Ship fitting advice

What We Want
✪ Active Pilots in ALL timezones
✪ A bit of banter!
✪ Willingness to have fun and enjoy the game
✪ Active participation on voice comms

Recruitment Requirements
✪ Committed and active players
✪ Be a team player

If you are interested in more information, then please join our Recruitment Channel: Spaceballs Recruitment

Fly Safe o7

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