Spark Enterprises (corp) and Eternal Horizons Industries (alliance) are recruiting

Spark Enterprises has opened it doors once again and is looking for more PVE pilots to join our ranks. We have a relaxed mentality within the corporation and the alliance. We know real life comes first, and all enjoy the game to escape reality. If you have a laid back attitude we are the corporation for you.

We have:

  • Ore Buyback Program
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Mining ops for those who want to team up
  • Access to lvl 4 missions
  • Decent knowledge of the game
  • Discord open for those who want to use it
  • More plans for future expansions

If it sounds like something you would enjoy, feel free to contact Samantha Avalon or Join Spark’s Couch for more info.

Eternal Horizons Industries is recruiting like minded PVE corporations to join our ranks. If you have a laid back corporation and want more people to fly with give us a try. No signup fee or maintenance fee’s required. Corporations within the alliance are free to do what they want as long as they follow the alliances main rule of staying ineligible for wars. Corporations that want to have structures are more then welcome to launch them on holding corporations outside of the alliance.

We offer the ability for pilots of different corporations to fly and work together. From mining to mission running, exploring to manufacturing we are here to help each other. If it sounds like something that your corporation would be interested in, feel free to contact Samantha Avalon in game or join Eternal Horizons Couch for more information today.

Recruitment still open

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