Special delivery

//start up loading….
//system ready…
//initialize personality matrix…
//boot ready…

A voice message plays from my memory, “You know after all the work you’ve done I thought it’d be nice to get you back on your own path. You should feel lucky not everyone gets a second chance so make a difference."

"Oh, also! Sorry about your face it’d needed some changes but congrats on being an entertainer. . . Probably best not to ask what kind. Just know that someone thinks you’re a special kind of friend and paid a lot of money for such an item within The State. The ■■■■ people do at the thought of getting off it’s not ideal but was easily manipulated and will incriminate themselves should they try and stop you. Yours truly -J.N.”

I see I’ve awakened at Jasameto NOH station in a cargo container. If I want my plan to work I should get moving seeing that arrangements and pre-plans have already been made.I better make it to the old office quickly.

Making my way there it appears The State isn’t quite in the best of shape since I’ve left. Things are abandoned and the people I pass look suspicious of each other. Some wear heavy expressions and their puffy eyes stare at the ground only locking for short glances in passing. I think the invasions may have affected more people than we think. Signs of loss and despair, things we’ve been familiar with in the past.

I arrive at The Room, ‘red tape’ still the door and it doesn’t look like anyone has been here in a long time. I never thought the trigs would actually be a good thing but it was a waste of time looking for me with that going on. Taking a moment to reflect, I suppose there’s a silver lining in everything. Looking around the neighborhood is only filled with vagrants and gangs to do illicit drugs and sell illegal cargo. I didn’t think this place could have been even more of a dump than before, but here we are.

I open the door to look around, everything has been tossed as you’d expect but it’s too bad I lived a boring life for a boring investigation. Sorry to disappoint the officers involved but I hope they’ve at least enjoyed reading about how music made me feel in various writing in my journal. It must have been a real ■■■■ show to have to explain that to command. Letting out a heavy sigh sitting in my chair, I suppose now I’ve come full circle.

so true…

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