Specialized industrial ship change

Ive been playing EVE for abotu a year now, ive tried a lot thats available, but one of the things that does seem to bother me, and other players (at least on the EVE discord) is that all the specialized industrials (excluding the hoarder) are gallente ships. This causes several problems including the following:
players are potentially encouraged to focus on gallente industrial ships and ignore the others when hauling a lot of specific cargo. (alphas in peticular)
The ships tend to challenge the main concepts and assumptions about the ship tree (with each group of ships having strengths and weaknesses for differing factions), as well as confused newer players who want to spend their time on EVE hauling
The ships tend to make less sense in terms of lore.
The solution is to take two of the three gallente specialized industrials, give their appeareance and skill requirements an overhaul, and improve the ship tree.
Changes to all specialized industrial ships:

  • Specialized industrials would now require Trade I to fly along with their respective racial industrial skill I
    The Epithal:
  • Now an Amarr industrial
  • Has reworked appearance and description/lore and is roughly similar to the Bestower and Sigil.
    The Hoarder:
    The hoarder would receive no changes
    The Kryos:
  • Now a Caldari Industrial
  • Given a new appeareance and description, and more closely resembles the badger and tayra.
    The Miasmos:
    No changes would be made to the Miasmos
    Less Important suggestions:
  • Specialized Industrials now have new lore and description to match their race/faction’s lore
  • Amarr industrial would be renamed Proselyte (may be misspelled) or Glyph (to match its industrial counterparts)
  • Caldari Industrial would be renamed Stoat or Ferret (to match its other industrial counterparts)
  • Caldari Industrial given an extra module hold Amarr Specialized Industrial recieves additional salvage hold (to match the double holds of the hoarder and Kryos
  • The ships are split into eight T1 specialized haulers, and four T2 haulers which have both cargoholds from the T1 variants. The six specialized industrials in this scenario would be Ice (Amarr), Planetary Commodities (Amarr), Ore (Gallente), Modules (Gallente), Minerals (Caldari), Gas (Caldari), Ammo (Minmatar), and Salvage (Minmatar). The new industrials would keep Gallente names for Gallente ships, but Caldari ships would recieve the names Stoat and Ferret, Amarr ships would recieve the names Glyph and Proselyte, and the Minmatar ship would recieve the name Gaoler.
    EDIT: Please excuse the typos.
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They might be better just iterating over the ships and including all specialised holds to all races , otherwise surely you arent really addressing the problem of complexity but making it worse .

My apologies then. That is a good idea.

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