Industrial adjustment/expansion

I realized after having a discussion with a bittervet (this might tell how young of an eve player i am) that before ORE was a thing everyone used any random hull to mine. which at that point made me realize why haulers were reffered to as “industrials” and not “haulers” or something of the like.

I think some chages and additions can be made, it does have a large blank space on the bottom of the ship tree.

i’ll list off the new setup of the way i think the classes can be adjusted and what they will include.

Transport ships- the new name for industrials, which will will gain a more accurate name. i’d also say from a lore standpoint the fact that the caldari and amarr hate the gallente they really should have their own ore and pi haulers.

Specialized Transport- the name for the current transport ships, these will remain unchanged unless ccp has any ideas up thier sleeve for new special haulers.

Cargo barge- the pinnacle of what this expansion would be. a larger, beefier version of the standard industrials. this would contain one standard hauler and (maybe) one ore hauler, each with somewhere between double and triple the capacity of their smaller cousins. since being bigger vessels they would have overall more ehp and more mass.

adjustment to the align times- i made effort into this instead of making a general statement. I found these percents in gains/drops for align time by taking the following t1 cruiser and base-model hauler and averaging thier align times.

Vexor and Nereus
Maller and Sigil
Rupture and Wreathe
Caracal and Badger

I would like to note that when i mean drop/gain i am referring to whichever hauler class i’m talking about. industrials/transports will see a reduction, whicle the barges will recieve a gain.

Gallente- 12%
minmatar- 11%

by looking at the math, and using the caldari ships, a badger that currently does 11.27 stock now moves to 8.90 and the unknown cargo barge is going to have an align time of 13.63. although you may ask, after looking at the ship tree “that means a badger can outwarp a caldari battlecruiser!” you’d be right, but some battlecruisers can still outwarp these haulers, such as the drake navy and oracle can still out-align a badger. a talos, can out-align a badger. i think it isn’t too powerful of a stat change.

I should have stopped reading here. Sadly, I did not.

This skill already exists, for ships such as the Deep Space Transport.

This is literally a Deep Space Transport.

Wait… so you want to add hauling ships with bigger capacities than T1 haulers, AND give them cruiser align times?

For reference, that’s called a Blockade Runner. It’s the T2 cloaky variant of the DST.

You should have run this past said bittervet first; he would have been all too happy to shoot you down before you posted in the forums for everyone to see.

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whether or not it was clear i’m referring to that current industrials would become faster and the new ships i’m suggesting would be slower, obviously i wasn’t suggesting t1 superhaulers.

Yea it wasn’t clear - between renaming the current ones and trying to make new ones (which incidentally is still the linchpin in your suggestion) I wasn’t sure what you had entirely meant.

T1 haulers, including the specialized ships, are basically aimed at new players starting out. If you intend to haul anything of value, train Transports - T2 haulers - Blockade Runner and Deep Space Transport. The BR is fast and cloaky, the DST is big and tanky. They require racial industrial level 5 - roughly a 3 week train. Well worth it.

The idea for the new cargo barges would be to cover middle ground between the “fast” but low cargo hold t1s and the cumbersome but humongous cargo bays of freighters. with the math i proposed, whatever the case for a cargohold for the barge, it would have a mining barge/battleship align time. which if it can carry a handful of frigates to wherever you need it, is bearable, at least how i’d presume.

There really isn’t a “middle ground” that needs to be filled.

Small, fast T1 haulers like the Nereus can be fit to carry 8-10K M3. I used one to launch and fit my Raitaru. The larger T1 haulers can easily carry 30K M3 - Bestower can hold up to 40K M3.

Orca can be cargo fit to carry over 100K M3 in the main hold plus 40K M3 in the Fleet hanger and you still have the specialized Ore hold (150K M3) and Ship Maintenance bays (400K M3). Orca is slow off the dock but once underway it will warp with a single pulse of an MWD - 10 seconds. Starting from scratch, it takes a new player 3 weeks to train the skills to fly an Orca. It takes a new player somewhat longer to come up with the cash to pay for one - don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose!

Depending what you’re hauling, you can use secure containers to “compress” the cargo by 30%. Thus a Giant Secure Container takes up 3000 M3 in your cargo hold but you can put 3900 M3 of stuff inside it.

T2 haulers: Blockade runner is fast and stealthy and will carry 10-13K M3. DST will carry 60-70K M3. Like the Orca, they are slow off the dock but will warp with a single pulse of an afterburner once underway. I fit mine with hyperspatial rigs so they warp as fast as frigates.

A Freighter fit for tank (Reinforced Bulkhead II) will carry about 370K M3 depending on skill level and over 1 million M3 if you fit for capacity.

You have a lot of choices.

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