Specialized License Plates

I decided to finally get specialized license plates this year for the first time.

Here were some of my choices.




I went with the Toe Bees license plate hoping to promote honey bee awareness and spur on a new business.

Help bring awareness to natures number one helper…buy a Toe Bee ring for your toe.

With hundreds of honey bees dying each season and simply being carted and thrown away I suggest the following.

A new type of ring for your toes. They are called Toe Bees. Toe Bees are honey bees that have been encapsulated in amber or other clear resin that are then worn on the toes while walking outside barefoot.

The honey bees could also be made into rings to wear as well into necklaces and earrings along with normal rings for the fingers.

Girls and women have hundreds of rings…but do they have a Toe Bee ring?

Moved to OOPE.

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Maybe Finger Bees also? Maybe lightly laser etch “Save the Bees” or something on the amber, so if somebody comments about the item, the wearer can give them a closer look and a surprise.

What about “GRR CODE”.

Seems more appropriate for you, mr bennington.

I was gonna get CCP Dev, just to fly by the CCP tower early in the morning, but that must have been taken by someone else.

Another warm cup sir?

Yes…thank you Stamm.

That’s it come around…

Any other Specialized License Plates that aren’t related to where I work?






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