Unsolved: The Purpose of Earlobes

Earlobes !

What in the blazes are they for ?

Some people, many of them Gallentean, say that the earlobe is erogenous.

Other people, many of them Caldari, say that the earlobe’s numerous blood vessels are to keep the ears warm in cold weather.

Some more people, many of them Minmatar, say the earlobe is mostly just for hanging your earrings from.

These explanations are mostly cultural, and are not conclusive proof of the true purpose of the earlobe.

Truly, an enduring mystery.


I’m sort of surprised you didn’t go into some nonsense about connected earlobes versus free earlobes.


Why not ‘all of the above?’

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Are you suggesting things can be for more than one thing ?

I’m not sure the IGS is ready for such radical thinking.


My Grandma would say they are there for elders to pull incorrigible young hooligans back into line.


What in the Maker’s name that would mean?!
If my dictionary gave correct explanation of the word… is this for real?!!
Gallente do with their ears WHAT?!!!
Disgusting shameful perverts.
I don’t want to hear this filth anymore!!!
This is not for public discussion!!! This is not for duscission at all!! This is not a freaking amoral Gallente Federation here with their inhuman freedom of speech!!! Civilized people live here and read these forums!!!

You’re free to be civilized o’er yonder. Or stay and participate in the latest entertainment. I’m starting to understand why baseliners watch us on holos.

My two cents? Hair is a lot more effective at keeping ears warm, just gotta have enough of it. And @Wanda_Fayne makes an excellent point too, yank a little brat over to the time-out chair.

All told, I think it’s just an extraneous bit of DNA evolution couldn’t be arsed to select against.
Also we’d all end up looking like, eh waddayacallem, elves? Like, the occasional bodymodder lookin like that is fine, but all of us with pointy ears? That inspires vague feelings of panic.

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Well that’s ears in general, not specific to the earlobe, but the umm… other bit.

I came to the thread to say this. I guess other people beat me to it.

They’re for idiots to make threads about, apparently.


Puncture repair kit. As genetically supplied to all capsuleers by Eugenics Corp.

When some inconsiderate bandit punches a hole in you (which is less conducive to stitching than a tear), have your local med tech excise the patch, then plug the gap.

Where extensive plugging is required, both patches can be excised then used as basal templates for regenerative constructs.

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My glasses would fall off without them.

In my now closed “Purpose of the Minmatar” thread, Miss Morgana declared that my post read like the bad fanfic of a certain semi-obscure series of books of unknown origin. I obtained one of these books and found that it depicts a world filled with extremely degrading forms of slavery. As it happens, in this world the piercing of a slave’s ears is thought to be especially humiliating, a highly erotic and visible indicator of a slave’s status.

While too much credit should not be given to this one source, it is at least possible these books evidence a now-lost cultural tradition in which the ears of slaves were pierced to mark their status in some way. The greater prevalence of ear piercing among the Minmatar — the slave people — is also evidence for this point. Most speculatively of all, God may have specifically designed the earlobe for the purpose of slave-marking.

Your glasses are strange, the ear lobes being the dangly bits at the bottom of the ear not the bit that the arms of your glasses rest on.

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The ones with arms that hook all the way around are quite useful in Zero-G (bars).

I like mine, they complete the shape of ear from the bottom, They are there to be liked by me I think.

Excuse me, there’s a “Maker” in caldari philosophy?

Anyhow …

I think that, based on studies of gallente females …
… that the earlobe is meant for being licked and sucked on …
… because it turns them on for some reason.

Yes, there is. The Maker forged the world [universe] and all in it, drafted in a chaotic state and imbued the spirits into the natural forces of the universe and into the beings that fill it so they could tame the chaos and create order. Chief among these forces are the Winds which helped shape the Caldari into the people we are today.


Cannibalism is against the law.

So it just means you have licked a robot.
Maybe a rogue drone posing as human? :thinking:

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I … uhm … yes.