Specific "Enhancer" Modules

this is a complicated concept to work on because of how certain fits are already powerfull using passive modules (instalocking or extreme kiting fits for example). but i wanted to give a look into it taking in account it seems certain passive modules arent as used due to how passive and active enhancing modules are taken.

The Current Situation:

for the most part the “Computer” type modules are way better in performance than the “Enhancer” type modules. this inequality is based on how one module can be scripted to focus on an specific aspect. the ships that best benefit from this are armor oriented hulls because they dont sacrifice tank in order to fit them.

passive enhancement modules should by extension be the alternative for shield focused hulls but there’s the catch. the “Enhancer” modules dont provide an specific bonus and instead give all around improvements to everything related to the system they are covering, those bonuses are less effective for the ocuped slot compared to what a scripted “Computer” can do. coupled with Stacking Penalty mechanics this means that there’s no point on using them.

the end result is that many of these ships have to sacrifice midslots with “Computer” modules in order to compete, this at the cost of being less tankier. in some cases the requirements to be effective at what they are supposed to do means these ships have to swap for armor/hull tank or use no tank at all and hope their glass cannon build can provide the survivability.

The Proposal:

in order to even the system a bit. i propose that each “Enhancer” module gets an specific variation that is equivalent to the scripted bonuses of the “Computer” modules.

Modules Affected by this change:

-Missile Guidance Enhancers
-Signal Amplifiers
-Tracking Enhancers
-Signal Distortion Amplifiers


Sensor Booster II + ECCM Script -> 96% bonus in sensor strength
Signal Amplifier II -> 48% (base bonus of the SeBO II while not scripted and active)
(new) Sensor Amplifier II -> 72% bonus to sensor strength

the Sensor Amplifier II is one of the variations in the “Signal Amplifier” family of modules, there would also be a “Sensor Enhancer” which improves signature resolution, a “Target Expander” which adds extra target locks and a “Signal Enhancer” that improves targetting range.

the basic idea is that all those “Enhancer” or “Amplifier” modules are broken down into specific modules which have the same base strength as the non scripted “Computer” modules + 50% (half of what the script provides)

it means that there’s still a certain difference in performance between the active and the passive enhancement modules while making them more or less close in effectiveness which means saving up 1 or 2 mids for tank.

the only problem i could see is people using both types of modules but there’s already fits that do it and are for very specific situations. it would require testing on SiSi to see the impact.

I wouldn’t be completely opposed to that idea. However, I do think they may need some downside, like higher CPU usage or something.

No because a mid slot is worth more than a low slot so invest and get better rewards

Adding specific variants seems to go against the whole reason of tiericide and the merging of various modules carried out over the past few years (like ECCM getting merged into SeBo).

What I propose instead of the OP’s proposal is giving the lowslot passive enhancers the ability to get loaded with the same scripts their midslot cousins can. They’re still passive but can now be tuned, though maybe their tuned bonus % could be lower than that of an equivalent scripted midslot module…

If this happens you’re going to be talking about the introduction of damage mods that can be scripted for alpha or rof, or nanos that can be scripted for full agility or speed etc

Shield ships are not under powered. They benefit from many advantages that armour tanks don’t. And not every slot type needs an equivalent of every mod.

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