Spectre Fleet & CCP New Player Friendly Public PvP Fleet - Saturday, Feb 13 @ 20:00 EVE time

thanks for fleet and fun o7

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Sending my thanks for the fleet. Was a bit a fun. Spectre fleets are fun.

Question for the devs if they are listening. Is it by design that a phoenix dreadnaught can kill a brick tanked wolf that is getting repped by 4 remote rep frigs? You can find my loss on zkillboard to see what I am talking about.

I ask because over the years I keep hearing how ccp wants to make capitals more reliant on support ships so we dont just have a game where all other ships below capitals are useless. Yet here we are, years later, and a dreadnaught can solo kill a 400mm plated assault frig getting remote armor reps.

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AAAaaall right, so; I asked people that know more than I do and I got this back -

Since the phoenix is all volley-damage the logistics repairs are mostly irrelevant.
I would presume the phoenix was fully specialized-fit, I’ve seen those. HAW launchers, target painter(s), grappler, application implants and drugs.
so, feasible, if you really set out to do it (imho).
That phoenix would be useless in a cap fight since it sacrifices tank and anti-capital damage for application.
lot of other variables come in; was the assault damage control active? was a microwarpdrive running, blooming the sig? was the assault frigate moving?
Here a sabre dies in one volley to a phoenix - https://youtu.be/W6keDz6yg_Y?t=157
Did a quick PyFA plot and even with some effects not calculated in it would hit a 400mm plate + resist vengeance for well over 3000 volley damage.

Does that help in any way Olleybear?


And thanks everyone who participated, the whole thing went even better than we could have anticipated.

Thank-you for taking the time to look into, and get an answer back, to my question. Yes, it does answer my question in that it is by game design that a dreadnaught can solo kill an assault frigate which is getting remote reps. I guess the next question is, should a capital be able to? If so, then perhaps this is just one of the reasons why the drastic measure of removing mineral faucets in game to reduce capitals over time had to be taken.

I’d link both my kill mail and the phoenix kill mail so you could see the fits of each, but if memory serves, we arent aloud to link that stuff on the forums. So to answer the questions from the person who was asking what was going on with the wolf and the phoenix:

I was orbiting the phoenix without the mwd on with 4 remote rep frigs repping me. The wolf was Not fit with an assault damage control, just a normal tech 2 damage control. It took multiple volleys for the phoenix to kill me through the remote reps. The phoenix was fit with Domination Grappler, Domination Target Painter, which I my wolf was under the effects of, and the phoenix was fit with Rapid Torpedo Launchers. The km shows multiple drugs in the cargo hold so I think its a safe assumption that the pilot took them before/during the fight.

Again, my thanks for taking the time to look into my question. It is appreciated. And yes, the event was fun. How many times do you get on a 6 billion isk phoenix km with a 60 mil isk assault frigate. LoL.

No problemo, the game masters actually loved to munch on this a bit. There’s so much to the meta that questions like these can keep some people up for nights.

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