Speed verses multiple enemies

This should be a short question.

A fast ship helps its survival by flying so close and fast to an enemy that its guns cant tack it, right?

So my question relates to how speed will help it there are multiple enemies, say several rats. If I’m orbiting an enemy and ha ha it cant hit me, couldn’t the others that are further away still get me? And does speed help against missiles?

There’s quite a few questions in there…

Correct. It’s angular velocity (degrees per second) and the problem of guns swivelling to keep on target.
Imagine sitting on a swivel chair trying to keep pointing at a child running around.

Yep, the more distant enemies will be able to hit you as to them your angular velocity is less. But the ones you are close too and zipping around and between will find you harder to hit.
It becomes a case of thinking about how you are flying to keep traversal as high as possible to as many attackers as possible.
But remember, reducing incoming damage from some is better than being hit hard by all of them.

Yes. Missile damage is related to the explosion velocity of the missile compared to your speed - imagine “partly outrunning the blast front”. It is also related to the Explosion size compared to your size (Signature Radius). If you are fast moving then you can really reduce the impact of bigger missiles quite nicely.

Speed isn’t the only consideration, agility (align time) is also important as that relates to how rapidly you change direction - how fast you can turn. This is important since it enables you to orbit closer, faster.



Is there a fitting for helping with agility?

[quote=“Terak_Romaller, post:2, topic:283397”]
It becomes a case of thinking about how you are flying to keep traversal as high as possible to as many attackers as possible.
[/quote] Are you saying that I should be controlling this? I usually pick my target an then click orbit.

This may help with fittings thoughts:

But don’t get too hung up on “fit for better agility in combat rather than tank”.

The main thing is to avoid things that increase mass too much to enable you to be fast and agile rather than slow and heavy. Some ships are better than others as they are intrinsically faster and more agile.

You can select the direction to fly in by clicking in space where you want the ship to fly towards. While nine times out of ten in missions “orbit” works quite nicely just be aware that the ship may head towards (or more commonly away) from the target you are orbiting. In that case your traversal is zero and he’s going to land some big hits on you.
Orbit is a good lazy tool, but learn it’s weaknesses (if you are at 10km and order “orbit at 20” then it’ll run directly away until it reaches 20km then slow and turn to orbit. That’s low traversal stuff, you want to spiral out - to do that is manual flying).

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In the case OP asked for, this is completely right. If you know you gonna fight, you need tank.

But if you try to avoid fighting, don’t be too tanky. Say you have a ninja mining Venture or a Jita-running indu. If the venture can get away very quickly (agility, not speed!), it does not need tank, but your vigilance. If the Indu aligns faster than the gankers can pick and lock, it does not need any tank either. If you are not in Highsec, tank just lenghtens your struggle (for your weapons are poor or non-existant), but in most cases doesn’t prevent your ship from exploding in the end.
BUT if you know help is on its way (i.e. CONCORD or fleet mates), enough tank to survive until they arrive is very healthy.

Example: I tried to get into these Triglavian hold systems with small but very agile T1 ships. After I got through the gatecamp, I was able to finish all sites and quests I wanted, and there were absolutely no rivals. So an Atron was much “stronger” (=effective) than a Vexor or Dominix, because in spite of having only 10% or 1% of the tank, it survived the camp just by running through.


Thanks. My questions were more regarding fighting, I’m just staring into a cruiser and realize it will play differently than my thrasher.

However I will take your advise for my venture since i like to mine now and then and good ore is in null sec. Got killed recently returning with a hold full of Bistot. Got me as I was about the exit the system (not using auto pilot). I’m going to try WARP STABILIZERS so they can’t prevent me from warping .

Research Jedi huffing :] its a technique that uses transversal and sig tank to tank 3k dps in a frigate while mining valuable gas.

Some pvp video’s from https://www.youtube.com/user/eveiseasy channel should also contain quite a bit of valuable info that can be used in both pve and pvp.

Players will often camp areas that are bordering highsec where it is on a very common auto plotted route, you can search those systems on https://zkillboard.com/system/30002813/ as well to see if anything has died there recently to increase your chances of escape.

https://eveeye.com/ is even better as it can show you on the map where you are and you can set it to auto show kills and stuff in system

Another decent method is to find a wormhole to nullsec go through the wh to mine it them come straight back through it as an escape route.

If you farm up pochvin standings then you can use its intricate wh network to weave in and out of anywhere you like:

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of note, warp core stabs won’t allow you to escape bubbles in low sec. Only warp disruptors and scramblers

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Bubbles are the areas of Warp disruption fields and Stasis fields around probes launched by Interdictors in null-sec (non-Empire) space. They are indiscriminate area of effect devices that can be used to pin down ships in space.

It is not possible to warp at all in a bubble regardless of the the level of warp stability your ship has.
The stasis webbing bubble applies the same speed reducing treacle to all ships in range. These were new at the end of October (hence the Eve University article not mentioning them).
You are left with just trying to find a way of flying out of their range safely (ha!).

They play rough in null: Empire rules don’t apply.

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edit: i wrote “low sec” but meant “null sec”

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