Staff Recruitment Course

who am I
I have twelve years of EVE Chenxi server experience, and now I also have six months of quiet server experience. In my opinion, as far as Chinese companies are concerned, they have many similarities, and I believe my experience will definitely help you.

What can i do

I can teach you more efficient recruitment techniques, which can make your company grow quickly. I have increased my company from 20 to 50 people in two months. I mean the average daily active population

How can i help you

I will give you and your company employees a training related to recruiting staff, after which I will also conduct a comprehensive answer to the problems encountered in the recruitment process. Yes, I attended two teaching lectures.

You need to pay 20B

Note: My experience is limited to Chinese users, so if you are a Chinese company and are struggling to expand, and are willing to pay 20B, I think you can try my lecture

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