Star Club is recruiting all miners! Newbros more than welcome!

Star Club is a developing industrial corporation with sizeable infrastructure for Moon Mining and Manufacturing, an elite fleet of pilots with perfect or near-perfect Orca boosts, and also supporting PvE and Exploration activities on the side.

We’re looking for all types of miners, from newcomers flying their Ventures to Barge and Exhumer pilots, in order to increase our manpower for our 2 weekly Moon Mining Ops. We are primarily US-timezone based but accept EU players as well, and there are EU members to play with.

Mission runners are also very welcome. We live in an area with easy access to L2, L3 and L4 missions for the same corporation.

We offer:

  • Ore buyback system that extends to other types of materials/loot as well;
  • Multiple pilots with either perfect or very high Orca boosts;
  • 2 moon mining ops per week;
  • PvE fleets;
  • Discord channel;
  • A corp Tripwire for WH divers.

To join the corp, apply ingame, talk to one of our recruiters or join our public chat ingame at Star Club Pub. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread as well.

Come turn your EVE dreams into ISK with us!

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Our recruitment campaign has had a successful start and we’re full steam ahead! Apply to Star Club now and join our fellowship :slight_smile:

Star Club continues to actively recruit players interested in making some easy ISK with mining! Our recruitment campaign has been extremely succesful, so join the fun!

Join Star Club and make a tidy profit as a miner while enjoying yourself with our friendly crew at the same time! :smiley:

I have an interest joining the corp. I wrote to Space Rhoa through a private chat but we could not communicate. If you’re still recruiting people, please contact me.

@Whillwynd hey there! Please hang around in our public channel (Star Club Pub) so you have a better chance of finding one of us online :slight_smile: We can go from there.


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Our recruitment campaign is still running! We’ve been focusing on getting more infrastructure for mining and manufacturing. Join us and enjoy great mining content, as well as PvE and Exploration content!

Sup guys, im brand new, not even a month in, looking for a good group of ppl to help me on my way, im so far enjoying security misdions, im gallente, not yet 1mil sp, but willing to learn and take guidance

@Grimm_Skarr Hey! Glad to know you’re interested in us. Please come to our public chat at Star Club Pub ingame so we can get to know you better!

Recruitment for Star Club is still going strong :slight_smile: we need mostly US tz pilots to increase our manpower for moon mining ops, but anyone is welcome!

Star Club has just moved to a new area of space, installed some new infrastructure and found some excellent moons to mine! It’s a great time to be a member of our corporation, so find us ingame :slight_smile:

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Do you use a mining app like: ?

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@Alina_Firetock Hey there! I’m not familiar with that app but we do have our own systems to organize mining ops and other activities :slight_smile:

@Space_Rhoa Ah, cool. A corpmate does custom systems for Corps and Alliances. That was his first venture into public use apps.

I’ve downloaded the app and it looks like a great idea. I will try it out when I log on later.

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