Star Club is looking for miners and industrialists

Greetings and Welcome,

Star Club is a high sec industrial corporation that is currently looking to expand. We are based in Domain and mainly focus on Moon Mining and building. We have a sizeable collection of moons available for this purpose. However we have many other activities available such as mission running, roams etc. to keep us busy. We understand that life sometimes intrudes upon the things that we do, but that is okay. So if you looking for the ability to mine and further your goals in Eve, perhaps we would be a good fit for you. We are mostly US/AU TZ based but all are welcome.

We offer:

  • Moon mining opportunities practically every day
  • Help and assistance for new players
  • Strong Orca support
  • Easy going attitude
  • Corp Ore Buyback Program
  • Discord
  • Low sec opportunities for industry, pvp

We want:

  • Miners
  • People to do PP (formerly PI), Builders, and Scientist
  • People looking for a place to relax and play a game we enjoy
  • People who enjoy PvE and even PvP

We need:

I think you will be happy with what you find. I know that I was.

  • List item
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Love mining with these guys and gals…!

What you are offering a free ship…? wow…!

Lots of isk to be made here…!

Hey Peoples,

We are looking for miners, we have rocks, we have the infrastructure, we have orca support, we have regular ops. What we need are people whom are interested in mining and building. If this is you, stop by and chat with us. We are accepting people who are looking to make the universe a better place. If you are looking for a new home, stop by and see if you like what you find. Our channel is Star Club Pub.’

Bump for a fun team and alliance

To the top, still lookin for miners and industrialist. If you also have an interest to shoot something else than roids, then the alliance has plenty content for you as well.

bump bump bump

We are happy to announce we have started an Ore Buyback Program so you can get paid the same day you mine. We are constantly trying to improve and move forward with the services offered.

Tired of the grind of null? Come mine with us. No CTA’s, no cloaky campers, we have a place you can mine and build without being forced into things you do not wish to be a part of. However should you want to pvp, or go out on roams and structure bashes, our alliance is more than willing to aid you in this.

We are currently building up our PvE with level four mission running for a few entities. We are looking to expand into this area as well.

Come and chat with us, you might even find that you like us. Well most of us anyway.

Soooo much ore, so little time. One can only do their best however. Come and join the festivities.

We are still looking for miners in Amarr space. If you like to mine we are the place for you.

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