Starchaser Industries - HighSec - Industrial/PvE Corp (Alphas Welcome)

To All Pilots,

Starchaser Industries is looking at recruiting new and old members of Eve to join our community of looking for Miners, Explorers, Salvagers, and Mission Runners.

What we offer:

  • Mining Fleets
  • High-Sec Station w/ Refining Bonuses
  • Low Tax Rate
  • Ore and Planetary Interaction Buyback
  • Discord Server
  • New Player Friendly
  • Industry-Focus

With a low tax rate, we want to spur the development of our corp along with our corpmates.

We welcome various levels of commitment to Eve as well, from the Hardcore players to the laidback.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to to private message myself, Kami Pigeon, and feel free to submit an application.

Kami Pigeon
Member of Starchaser Industries

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