Stargate Trailblazers Event Leaderboard

Thank you CCP for a fun event! Being a long standing resident of Stain. I participated in Amarr Empire’s efforts to build the “long overdue” gate to Stain :laughing: Being a combat pilot at heart, it was quite an interesting experience sitting in a mining frigate!! I loved the Expert System, and how that allowed me to borrow the necessary skills in order to participate. Good job all of you!! Love your work :wink: The Stain boys had lots of fun and very little sleep!!

As with everything in EvE Online, new features are ever evolving. Yes some aspects weren’t perfect, but constructive feedback might help achieve this in future iterations. Toxic criticism, might too… but you only end up looking like a dumbdumb.

I get that capping the number of capsuleers in the site affects other capsuleers’ ability to interact with them. I would hazard a guess the cap was a means to limit the number of PvE participants in a site, rather than limit PvP interaction. This would have been an effort to create an even playing field as well as throttling rewards. Maybe a fix to this would be to add a counter to the gate, which only allows the first X number of capsuleers through the gate to be rewarded for PvE activities, but still allows for PvP activities to be possible.

Anyway, I have no doubt the next iteration will be even better!! Thanks again CCP - great work :blush: Looking forward to seeing the final results!!


Then CCP shouldn’t pretend like there’s a player choice.

they never did… they specified, the gates were going up regardless.

I expect the LP store to stay the same, or perhaps have new items added (it appears they are fleshing out the skin lines a bit more, and who knows what else they could add)

The plan is for the existing items to stay in the LP stores, and for us to add new items occasionally over time.


When will final standings be posted? will there be stats such as “number of each ranks earned, sizes and run numbers of the sites, fastest site completed per size” ?

Apples and oranges. These sites are unique as they have a hard limit making them functionally the same as any instance. The regular pve gated sites can be entered by anyone. There are a few that have key (not many as I recall) but for the most part anyone can enter any gated site (with right ship type etc).

You blow off the repetitive nature of these sites - with the comment that all pve is repetitive. It is true that pve is repetitive but that’s where the sandbox comes in. The challenge in eve pve comes from the players which adds endless variation. If you take away the player challenge you are left with the same thing over and over again. How long till that gets stale? What type of game is it where you turn on you mining lasers then go watch Netflix?

Sure you could say that’s ccps fault for not making the pve interesting or challenging. But every time ccp has made “challenging” pve it’s been largely ignored, skipped or figured out and farmed. Burner sites are a classic example. Most folk just skip them.

I’m glad you like these sites, but they are simply uneve.

did you even try those sites?
it’s mining micromanagement time challenge under fire. no time for netflix

asteroids are small (60-120m³ size) so need to constantly cancel and restart mining lasers
asteroid spawns inside are random, and distance to orcas vary each time. some asteroid clusters don’t have enough ore to fill one orca
micromanaging your speedtank to avoid getting killed by npc pirate cruisers and battleships

also there is initiative to complete with time bonuses (35% gold, 15% silver, 5% bronze)

i did this event entirely in lowsec, and it was fun to d-scan sites and make safes to not get caught by players on entrance gates. if this content did not have player limit preventing others following inside, it would be impossible to tackle time challenges or complete sites at all

lvl3 sites 60+ mil/hour (to be precise 6.75mil per site which takes 4min to complete, so can easily do 10 in an hour with time to spare for traveling)
lvl4 sites 80+ mil/hour
lvl5 sites 100+ mil/hour
considering you can do that in ventures/prospects its ridiculously rewarding

as per your argument of boring. pvp is like fishing, and fishing is boring - for some people. if its boring for you, does not mean its boring for everyone else


Hi folks! I’ve now updated the OP with the final results now that the event has ended. We’ll take a look at whether we can collect some other fun stats for folks to look at.

Congrats to all the winners!


This was exactly what enabled some of “us” as “not Stain locals” to team up and run some sites uniterrupted - until we ran out of “minor” sites in that particular system. It rewarded people to organize themself. Equally rewarding would have been to intercept us warping directly between our sites. Bubbles would have been very possible here.

I really liked the overall solid cat & mouse gameplay this event produced.


for an alternative for a player cap per site, could the rewards but capped to a certain amount of players per site rather than hard capping the players allowed in the site? similar to incursions but its specifically “X amount of people get this reward” or something like that? just a thought

or possibly having two separate values for the restriction, like only “X amount of mining ships in the sites AND only X amount of combat ships in the sites”

Well, they secured Vertasa Veradors the fifth place, they managed to keep it all the same.
As I understand, some write and play pranks that they were killed by other players, and so. Nobody even touched us during the entire event, the only ship was lost due to inattention. And the event itself was very interesting, finally, in order to achieve some goal, the players had to cooperate.
Thank you so much CCP for your time. And congratulations to the winners.

What you just described is the definition of repetitive. Sure the rocks move around but it’s otherwise the same thing every time. If it floats your boat great, but there is a reason why people play a game for a while then move on to the next title. Eve is fairly unique in its longevity- and it’s not because of the pve content. Rather it’s because the player driven content makes the game ever fresh.

It would be interesting if ccp actually put out real numbers for these things. How many folk actually played the content? How many doing arena? Etc. I suspect that they don’t do that because the result would be underwhelming.

Want some :cheese:??

We play eve because it has a wide panel of activities.
The mining sites were different from the usual PvE content and a new activity is always good to have.
We wouldn’t run the mining sites everyday, yes, it is repetitive, but it’s good to have one more activity.

As a corp focused on everything PvE and shooting people some times per month, we want this activity to stay available as we would plan a few evenings in a month for that activity.

But the week long grinding for the leaderboard was, because of the extended time a bit long. We didn’t change activity much in that week and for the last 2 days, we had a hard time assembling the fleet (note that our corp is based on a “do whatever you want” rule with very few rules in the end, so, we don’t force people, we offer activities).

@CCP_Fozzie When will the new startgates be ready ? And the monuments ?

So what are the LP totals?

where fun stats? :disappointed:

I guess they’ve abandoned the players the same way they abandoned Resource Wars.

Good afternoon folks! I’ve added some extra event stats to the reserved post below the OP for those who are interested.

We have also distributed a special extra prize to the characters who finished within the top 20 for each stargate project: character sheet medals presented by the CEOs of the mining expedition NPC corps. If your character achieved a top 10 finish then you’ll have a special Eminent Stargate Trailblazer Award medal in addition to your name on the monument, and if you finished between 11th and 20th position for one of the stargate projects your character has now received a Distinguished Stargate Trailblazer Award medal.

As we promised, the mining expeditions have already returned within Gallente space for the ongoing Gallente Federation Day event along with some new skins in the Federal Strategic Materiel LP store. The other empires will be bringing their expeditions back for their respective national holidays later in the summer.


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