Stargate Trailblazers Event Leaderboard

Just divide the mined mineral with the amount of people completing the event. Voilà.

Will all the mining sites disappear forever ?
Will the LP stores stay open after the end of the event ?

Will the sites come back spawning randomly on the faction region like they were once ? It’s a totally different activity compared to what is available in eve, it would be good to have a permanent event for the mining sites (add it to the agency !).

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Nobody said you had to whiteknight for CCP.

Once this event finishes the mining expedition sites will go back into temporary hibernation until the next event that includes them.
The plan is to bring them back regularly for special events. Sometimes they’ll be combined with other content (like the upcoming Gallente Federation Day event where the Federal Mining Expeditions will return alongside other Gallente-themed celebrations) and sometimes they’ll be the centerpiece of events all on their own (I expect we’ll occasionally have special weekends where the mining expeditions appear for all the empires and where we bring back the daily gift boosters).


Figured these mining sites would appear more often and last a little longer so the main Factions can bolster their stockpile reserves due to the scarcity of resources in New Eden.

I’ve updated the OP with the data from last night’s snapshot. Good luck with the last day of the event!


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Good morning folks o/. I’ve updated the OP with the data from last night’s midnight snapshot.

This is not the final update, the data above is from midnight on June 2nd and so there is another 11 hours of the event not covered in these numbers. We will be posting the final standings that will be reflected on the monuments tomorrow once today’s data has been processed into the form I use for this.


just because you dont like the event doesnt mena other people dont. i for one love the updated resource wars now that it has worth while payouts and reasonable grind times per site


It’s taking the very foundation of EVE, that being player-driven and players interacting with each other, pretending that we can affect the outcome, and then limiting sites to a given number of players and threatening to ban people who warp out.

This was handled so poorly for something that had SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Imagine if players could mine right beside empire fleets, potentially boosting them with Orcas and Porpoises. Have a couple of combat ships as guards in lowsec so attackers have to bring something other than a Tristan to gank miners. Have pirate rats warp in occasionally to disrupt the mining, and reward players for defending against these groups.

I was excited to see the resource wars coming back and being iterated on and have new features / tweaks because I live in wormholes now, but it only got worse.

You’re missing the point on what this whole event was about. Regardless if they implented RW or not, the gates were going to be built.

From a RP perspective, the empires were paying capsuleers to help fund it via LP.

RW or not, the gates were being built.


Seconding this. It was quite honestly a great event. The expert systems allowed just about anyone to participate, and the payouts were enough that even if you were a new player, with just a bit of guidance or support you could make hundreds of millions, even on an alpha account.

It was an extremely solid event in terms of “design” and rewards. Yes it re-used resource wars, I know people “don’t like” resource wars, but the problem was never resource wars themselves being garbage, but their rewards being “not worth it” for the longest time.

The event being “scripted” was also not a problem. The gates are a good thing.


well first off, eve is still very player driven, some of it more than others in terms of content, but this is also still a very lore heavy game. your basically saying that everything should be handled by the players. you realize that the things in the universe pop up because of lore AND player interest right? just because this event isnt totally a free for all in some aspects doesnt mean that it shouldnt exist.

other than that you realize rats can wapr in the site right? ive had belt rats warp in on me and try to kill me as well.

have you not done a site? the rats literally warp in as you enter. you either have to out tank the dps or kill them so no idea what your talking about.

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I had a great time collaborating and competing with my friends and meeting new ones through the event.
Thank you CCP!


How many items from the current stores could be considered to return for those events?

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im pretty sure all the items are staying in the store.

they added more clothes, the older more expensive clothes are still there from the first version and all the skins are now permanent. so my guess is they here to stay in the stores. and according to hoboleaks theyre adding more skins

For the love of Bob please no. These sites are repetitive, boring and unrewarding. But most importantly, they are anti-eve. Basically, CCP for some reason seems hell bent on knee capping the sandbox. There are limited numbers of players and yet these events effectively place players behind walls where they can not be engaged with. Its a form of pseudo-instance game play. As with the arena, taking players out of the game and placing them behind walls makes the rest of the game seems ever more empty and devoid of life. Simply stop it.

gonna have to disagree with you on that.
repetitive? tell me what PvE activity isn’t repetitive?

boring and unrewarding is subjective. its not boring to seemingly a lot of people that participated and as far as rewards go, its pretty good isk per hour and the LP is a bonus to things people may/may not want, but even if you dont want the LP its just extra stuff to sell on the market.

and im going to have to disagree with you on that “devoid of life statement”
with maybe the exception of frigate-destroyer pvp, not as many people partake in abyssal pvp as it does get fairly expensive in the long run compared to what you win. so anyone doing abyssal arena your not likely to see too commonly anyway. as for the mining sites, there are tons of gated PvE instances so that arguement is fairly invalid due to the fact so many PvE related things are gated in some way anyway, like DED’s or missions for example.
although the player cap does hinder the pvp aspect of it if its in low sec or null sec but from what i can tell from other players that have done the low sec side there are plenty of pirates just waiting to kill you regardless anyway so there isnt a lack of PvP, it’s just that its mostly a high sec thing (just like how the first version of RW was) although CCP has opened it up to low/null depending on the area/event going on.

I simply just dont agree or see your point in anything you said because i see other wise.

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