Statement from the Elusenian government-in-exile condemning Federation Government unilateralism in Intaki


I am Siyu Shan “Seriphyn” Inhonores, chief commander of the Elusenian Protection, Intelligence, and Defence Activity (ELPIDA). I speak on behalf of the Director-General, Directorate, Senate, and Agora of the Cooperative Republic of Elusenia on Vale IV. It has been two years since the creation of Pochven, seeing the peoples of the Elusenian Cooperative, our sister planetary nations, as well as the other free worlds of the Vale system materialized into the damnable dominion of the detestable Triglavians (see here ). In the intervening time, we have waged a civil war with the pretender state the Obsequious Underclade of Elusenia (see here, as well as participated in a wider guerrila campaign under the Vale Federal Resistance Movement (as reported on here). Originally, we did not intend to apply for Federation member state status “until substantial evidence of sustainability and longevity could be proven” per best practices of the colony-to-state pathway provisions of the Federation Charter, which usually means a period of at least 10 to 20 years in reality. However, Elusenia was granted exceptional circumstances by the Federal Administration so that it might have official access to central military assistance for our continuing resistance efforts against the Triglavians (private and/or unrecognized colonies do not get access to Federation military aid, which perhaps does not surprise you). As an official member state of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, then, it is necessary to add our voices to the interstellar chorus regarding the situation in the Intaki system.

Any mention of “the Federation” refers only to the interstellar community of sovereign nations, planets and solar systems as it exists collectively, irrespective of its supranational governing authority. Said authority is referred to separately as “the Federation Government”, its collective will executed upon by President Celes Aguard.

The statement is as follows…

  • The Cooperative Republic of Elusenia (henceforth “Elusenia”) upholds that the Federation and her member-states represent the only interstellar polity that has been able to unite billions of peoples from many different homeworlds and innumerable planetary nations in relative peace. Elusenia also upholds that such a multilateral and democratic model is the only hope for a united humanity, within the cluster and beyond.

  • Elusenia argues that Intaki Prime is the second-most important homeworld that is signatory to the Federation, and that the peoples and nations of the Intaki are inseparable from the destiny of this interstellar project.

  • Elusenia understands that the Federation Government undertakes actions in the best interests of safeguarding and protecting the territorial integrity of the Federation and her member-states. Elusenia understands that these actions may be military in nature. Elusenia emphasizes the Federation Government does this on a mandate that it would not otherwise exist without the consent of its member-states.

  • THEREFORE, Elusenia commends the actions of the Federation Government in fulfilling its Charter obligations by launching a decisive military operation to protect one of its key home systems from a non-Federation aggressor.

  • Elusenia recognizes the eight megacorporations of the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel as the sole aggressor in the ongoing conflict, possessing no just cause or casus belli to continue its aggression against both the Intaki homeworld, its colonies and sister systems, as well as the wider territories of the Federation. Elusenia notes the Caldari Military’s repeated planetary incursions on the Intaki homeworld as evidence of unjustifiable aggression.

  • Elusenia rebukes Chairman Akimaka Saraki’s verbiage of calling the Federation Government’s military action an “outrageous invasion”, as the Federation cannot invade itself. Elusenia notes its opinion that this is telling of Chairman Akimaka Saraki’s beliefs regarding the sovereignty of Intaki and surrounding systems.

  • FURTHERMORE, Elusenia expresses disappointment in the Scope’s choice of words in a 21st November news report, referring to the Federation Government’s actions in Intaki as an “invasion”, and likewise punctuating the word “liberation” with quotation marks as if the Federation military action was anything but. Elusenia reminds the Scope that the Federation cannot invade itself, and that the Federation Government is indeed entitled to liberate star systems that are signatories of the Federal Charter, per that same Charter, from enemy occupation.

  • THEREFORE, Elusenia understands that the Federation Government must continue to take action to uphold its obligations to its signatories of the Federation Charter, as outlined by the Federation Charter, and that these actions may consistently be military in nature over a period of time. This is especially so in light of the Caldari State’s continued and demonstrated interest in conquering Federation star systems for the sake of extracting profit.

  • HOWEVER, Elusenia believes that President Celes Aguard’s unilateral decision to not only station Federation naval forces in the Intaki system but reinforce a central military presence is vastly outside of the bounds of the Federation Government’s remit, so much so, that Elusenia believes this action to be so unilateral and dangerous that it is an existential threat to the integrity of the Federation itself.

  • FURTHERMORE, Elusenia asserts that the Federation Government continuing this course of military build-up in the Intaki system without respecting the Federation Charter and its provisions (e.g. the Shipping & Security franchise) means that President Celes Aguard is committing an illegal act under Federation Law. Elusenia implores the Federation Senate to consider impeachment proceedings if the President remains committed to this ongoing Charter violation.

  • EVEN FURTHER does Elusenia remind President Celes Aguard and the Federation Government that it is subject to the authority of its member states, and not the other way around.

  • THUS AS A MEMBER STATE OF THE FEDERATED UNION OF GALLENTE PRIME does the Cooperative Republic of Elusenia formally protest and dissent from the actions of the Federation Government. The government of Elusenia does this while emphasizing the truths held self-evident in the first article of this statement, and that President Celes Aguard’s actions run counter to these same truths.

Elusenia remains committed to its military obligations to the Vale Federal Resistance Movement (per existential necessity). Elusenia’s Federation ambassador and her staff will lodge formal protests to both the Federal Administration and our Federal Senator on the daily for as long as President Celes Aguard’s Charter violations continue.

That is all. Thank you for your time.


I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment that the Federation can not “invade” its own signatory states. The distinction between an invasion and a liberation is one of semantics. That said, I applaud the bravery it takes to speak out against your leaders in a manner that illustrates the way in which they’ve violated the trust of their people. May fortune favor you in the hard times ahead.

Words remain just words, it is empty vibrations of the air.
If you want to change anything - you have to act on it.

The best way to stop injustices of federal regime is to join the State and fight with us together to return peace, order, law and prosperity to the cluster.

The State adhers to ideals of peace and business cooperation, but when an entity like Federation arises, it is a Honorable way to take arms to protect Justice and those whom you hold dear.

Glory to the State!

His home has been plunged into darkness by the failures of edencomm and other entities that were supposed to be protecting his system and you have the nerve to suggest he simply leave his people to that darkness to fight in the neverending pendulum.

Diana think before you speak, I would guess his war has been as hard if not harder then your own.


I think you forgot to read the rest of the OP. They are commenting on matters that explicitly relate to a system that was formerly a part of the limited warzone. Respectfully, it would not be unreasonable from a certain point of view to argue then that one aught to participate directly if one wishes to influence the status quo relating to these matters.

However in balance, given the system is now out of the warzone, that would be a moot point (without even touching on whether capsuleer involvement in the militia wars has much bearing on intergalactic politics) but it should not have been dismissed out of hand as somehow completely irrelevant to the original topic.

For sure I myself would prefer to live under red sky than under disgrace of degrading hedonistic gallentean influence.

And our home was occupied for about TWO … HUNDRED !! YEARS by the enemies, for how long his was “plunged into darkness”?..

Think yourself before you speak.

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