The founding of the Obsequious Underclade of Elusenia, Vale IV

Establishing connection…
Signal source…ELPIDA Contingency Command Centre, Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support, in orbit of Cat VI-7
Transmission begins…

This is Siyu Shan “Seriphyn” Inhonores, chief commander of the Elusenian Protection, Intelligence, and Defence Activity (ELPIDA). Just over two months ago, I reported on the current situation in the Cooperative Republic of Elusenia on Vale IV. At that time, we had no plans for evacuation, but in the month-and-a-half subsequent until the day of disaster, we made arrangements, and made use of capsuleer efforts as well. Millions were evacuated from Elusenia, though not everyone. With the help of capsuleer Avio Yaken, I was able to fly out a Gnosis-class and Talos-class worth of refugees to the Cat system, where I have since established ELPIDA’s contingency efforts with the assistance of the Federal Intelligence Office.

Regretfully, a large group of Elusenians have elected to replace the Cooperative Republic of Elusenia with the…Obsequious Underclade of Elusenia, opting to cooperate and submit to the Triglavians. This has been mostly bloodless. Speaking for the government-in-exile of the Elusenian Cooperative, we are forced to recognize this…unusual entity in order to best protect those Elusenians who wish to evacuate Vale IV.

The ESS Pendragon, a Kronos-class marauder and flagship of the former Elusenia, as well as the ESS Psalidaris, an Occator-class deep space transport, remain docked at the Veles Clade Semiosis Theater around Vale VI-2. As much of these vessels’ interiors have been repurposed to accommodate refugees from Vale IV, with several thousand now able to call these starships home. As I operate from our Cat command centre, there is only so much information I get via the limited bandwidth from Pochven, but my understanding is that the Triglavians have left our docking bays well alone. In fact, not a single Triglavian has been seen from the refugees living on those docked ships. This surprised me, as I understand the Triglavians were…savage and relentless when they first took over the stations.

Each day, I come down from my apartment here on the FIO station to our command center and monitor communications from Vale IV. Once we are ready, I will have to upgrade to omega clone status and make the trip to Pochven and evacuate those two ships, marking a proper end to Elusenia. I do not know if there will be a New Elusenia, but at least a few million refugees have since drifted and diluted back into the Federation, returning to their original home countries across Gallente space.

I hope capsuleers may consider the fate of the many other billions in the Vale system, but the scale is staggering. The Federation must step up and do more. It is disgraceful that they never appointed an admiral or federal ambassador to the system to assist with evacuations in the first place, instead leaving the efforts to the fragmented member state governments. But for now, I will continue to watch these monitors and holographic displays with what is left of my staff for the coming weeks.

Hopefully we will get some good news one day.


A response is sent, text only and formatted for redundancy to avoid any signal loss
-To ELPIDA OIC “Seriphyn”, from EDI Volunteer Atruin, re: your last
There’s a saying in EDI. We do not let the banner fall.
I’ll be in touch.

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I don’t know what is actually worse, that Federals collaborate with known dishonorable Gurista affiliates, or that they collaborate with Triglavian invaders… or maybe that Triglavians and Gurista collaborate with Federals.

I won’t be hiding my feeling or trying to be diplomatic in this issue: I’d really prefer if triglavians and federals just shot down each other and have ended this embarassement.

On the other hand, it does show our moral superiority: Federals to save their petty lives willingtly have accepted Triglavian authority, while we don’t tolerate any sort of Triglavian and Gurista collaborators among our ranks, which recently was shown by the sweeping raids in Caldari State space.

Anyway, it’s not about us.
I’ll be following with interest the further developing of the situation in regard of this new Underclade, as I believe that its formation is another example of why
The Federation must be destroyed.

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Because you have such a long history of doing that…


Terrible diplomacy is still diplomacy?

My sympathies. Losing one’s home is quite…an experience.


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