Fate of Elusenia, Vale IV

Establishing connection…
Approximate signal source…EFB Aisling Bay, Port Belisama, Cooperative Republic of Elusenia, Vale IV, Gallente Federation
Transmission begins…

This is Siyu Shan “Seriphyn” Inhonores, chief commander of the Elusenian Protection, Intelligence, and Defence Activity (ELPIDA). I am a capsuleer, or at least, used to be. Seven years ago, my father established the colony of Elusenia on Vale IV, using the capital I had accumulated as a capsuleer in ISK. I am not sure how many of you remember me, but it is unimportant. Seven years of planetside life engaged in meaningful work makes interstellar fame seem meaningless now. Well, until recently.

This backwater system of several billion people seemed the perfect place for our project, so this assault by these Triglavians certainly caught us by surprise. Do you remember my daughter Anette Inhonores? She was a holostar of some repute, til she focused on her studies here at the University of Elusenia. I had her sent away long before this so-called “final liminality” to continue her education elsewhere. She’s 20 now, would you believe it?

I’ve been able to jack my capsuleer sockets to a jury-rigged communication system to contact other pilots. I would have felt content in retiring from my short, half-decade stint as a capsuleer. We were proud to have grown our colony to over ten million people from all over the Federation. Now, a permanent winter has fallen upon us, and our days are scourged by a red sky.

Our great solar arcologies in the capital of Caerleon struggle to power our island republic. In New Kaili, we had to destroy the Myndbouca Bridge to the Lamorgan mainland upon hearing of ground warfare with Triglavian forces. Our project has unraveled before our eyes, but I must thank the gods and goddesses that we have so far been spared by the Triglavians. We have lost contact with the other governments on this planet, so we assume the worst.

We have no plan for evacuation. I had drawn a strategy to send our ground forces across the strait to the mainland to salvage transport shuttles from the airbases there, but we would not stand a chance against the Triglavians. Communicating with other capsuleers, I understand that have held out for no reason, and that this system is doomed.

I am a capsuleer, and I have the means to enact something (however small) for my people here. I cannot speak for the others in this system, if they are even left, but any assistance you can render, we will be eternally grateful. On the other hand, there are ten million of us…even evacuating one planet of many billion during the Gallente-Caldari War was quite the feat…but three?

Inhonores out.


I answered a call made by Seriphyn here to go to Vale IV and get scans of the planet from orbit. Specifically asking me for scans on the land mass Elusenia is settled on




10 million people and around ~6.4 people per m3 equals about 4 Freighters or ~21 DSTs…
I’ll see if I can lend a hand to ARC’s existing evacuation efforts that I sadly have only just now learned had started, and/or if they can help Elusenia:

People sometimes think I’m inhumane for giving slaves one cubic meter of space in transport…giving a person less than a sixth of that is…quite a thing.

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