Static targets for DPS check - Think Training Dummy in WOW

A static target that is deployed, similar to a Mobile Depot. Same idea as the Training Dummy in World of Warcraft to test DPS AND also other aspects such as remote-repping and Capacitor Warfare and even lock time.

Upon deploy player is given a menu similar to the market (triangle drop downs?) with options for object type to represent, such as ship/class, deployable (mobile depot etc.) or even structure (Raitaru, Astra, etc.).

After 1 min deployment delay you can open it’s fitting window and fit it with actual existing mods/rigs to specifications for testing.

Player(s) then target the static target which has base HP and resists including modules added, as well as base capacitor, and fires away ammo, drones, NOS/Vamps, reps & capacitor with remote reps/drones etc.

Shield/HP/Hull/Capacitor all take damage/buffs as if it was another player with minimum SP to fly selected represented ship. Maybe add option for represented SP such as Level IV Shields, Level 5 Armors, etc.

That would be Tech I version.

Tech II version would have setting for orbit and firing, again, with actual mods provided by the player and representing the ship selected with skills also selected from base to Level V.

IF you kill your static target, it acts like a normal ship and explodes with a normal wreck, with or without mods to loot. If you lose mods, then you should’ve stopped firing. They only target the owner (player/corp/alliance?).

Not sure how to handle the Tech II version, if it can kill you or not… I say why not. This is Eve.

Treat similar to Mobile Depots in that you can drop as many as you want to buy and use and other players can attack in the same way as Mobile Depots.

I know the first reaction will be ‘Just go to Singularity’…

And I would then say that this will keep players playing IN the actual game and it will increase market/production/ISK velocity. A whole new set of skills to manufacture and/or use the static targets (Tech II would be dynamic I guess?).

An in-game, non-Singularity solution is needed for live server testing. Maybe we don’t want to be forced into working with others. Wah! and would be great for player ingenuity and would also provide hella ton of laughs.

  • Alphonse Capwn

You already have the stats for all of that in the fitting screen…

Try a POCO.

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