New QoL item: Test dummy(s)

Would be nice if we had an item we could drop wherever and test our dps out on a static ship type, would help with fitting out ships and understanding our thresholds a bit better.

Something like;
Frig Dummy immobile
Frig Dummy mobile (avg speed of a frig with a t2 mwd on) - makes circles around ship that drops the dummy
Frig Bruiser Dummy (t2 bruiser fit)
etc…down to battleships

or just like…a static dummy with 85% resists and an absurd amount of ehp/s regeneration/ehp

either would be super nice to have to just practice on ^^

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Make an alt, duel alt, fire at will

Wouldnt be a bad deployable to include but as @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Said, you can just use an alt

They are already in game, just check asteroid belts or ice fields. In a .5 you have about 25 seconds to kill your target, for more of a challenge move up to a .7 or .8.


Yeah, but to use an alt you gotta use logistics and such, making a simple deployable just seems easier

Use the test server.


undock your main, undock your alt, duel the alt and fire… how the ■■■■ hard is that.

having to log into 2 accounts? moving said alt to primary? losing a ship if you hit harder than you think? not saying it’s the most difficult thing in the world, but plopping out a deployable from your inventory seems a whole lot easier.

Test server. Quit making excuses for what others can do with no problem. Moving an alt? Jump clones are a thing

Bruh, you know QoL stands for Quality of Life right? It’s supposed to make things easier. Get out of here with that “qUiT mAkInG eXcUsEs” nonsense.

We DoNt NeEd ThIs in EVE.

Don’t need you in eve either, yet…here you are.

Just go to the test server with a friend or alt, use the /moveme command to both instantly teleport to the same system, buy any ship + fit you need for pretty much free from the well-stocked markets and test whatever it is you want to test.

I do it all the time when I want to test something, it’s not that hard.

Also if it’s just dps and dps application you want, you can simulate that in Pyfa.

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What…what is going on here? Like…am I talking to old people? “Go to the test server, get an alt, travel 300 miles on your hands and talk to an old asian man about butterflies” Like…am I being trolled? Why go through so much hassle if we just made a single deployable and can choose settings on it to simulate a certain type of ship or whatnot. Saves HOURS of people’s lives. Not everyone wants to set up multiple accounts and go through the hassle of training them just to hop in a ship and flutter around for the 12 minutes it’d take to test things. “Well…that’s the way it’s always been-” yeah. and it’s a trash way to do things. Make a deployable. Make everyone’s lives easier. You old farts.

Pyfa is good, but there’s a difference between logical and practical application of damage.

this is a senseless QoL item.

I had a friend needed to test some standing changes in Minmatar space. I didn’t have a minmatar char, what did i do? I created one, just for him to blow up in minmatar space just to see the impact of changes with FW standings vs other standing changes.

we don’t need more stuff that can be deployed… if you want this to be something to deployed, make it so someone can find it and shoot it

My concern here is spam and space trash. As long as there isn’t a node performance hit if a bunch of dummy bots are placed in a system AND you can’t clutter them up on a gate, wormhole, or undock (to bump or decloak someone with dummy bots) I am generally okay with this proposal.

It might be best if dummy bots despawn when the anchor pilot leaves grid or has a short spawn timer.

Use PyFA graphs for this

You want to test X, someone else wants to test Y, a third person wants to test Z and so on.

Currently all those people can easily test it on the test server, which is made to supply you with endless amounts of ships and the ability to instantly teleport to any part of space for testing purposes. There, you and all the others who have different test ideas can test all you like.

Or would you rather CCP develop new deployables for X, Y, Z and so on for every use case that anyone wants to test something but cannot be bothered to go to the test server?

You want to test dps.

Recently I wanted to test different ship fits to bump bigger ships. I’ve tested how to combat probe smartbomb moving shuttles, tested how the sig radius, sensor strength and probe strength affect how easily you can be combat probed, tested how fighters work…

Do you want CCP to waste development time creating deployables for each of those use cases so that people can test it on the live server because they cannot be bothered to click this button?


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What you’re asking for is ridiculous given the existence of the test server.

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