Station vs Station Warfare

Introduce the Upwell High Slots Module “Projection Array” - Astra, Forti and Keepstar only
And High Slot Ship Module “Projection Beacon” - Battleship Class only (includes T2)

A ship fitted with a Projection Beacon can launch a beacon that attaches itsself to structure (Similar mechanic to bomb launcher) the velocity and aiming needs to be right. This is not targetable but needs to be aimed like a bomb. The beacon lasts 48 hours. A single beacon takes up 300 m³

Once the beacon is attached. ANY Astra, Forti and Keepstar in the System with a Projection Array fitted, can target this structure and fire its Launchers to attack it no matter where in the system it is located

The missile travel time etc are still taken into account together with all other mechanics that would work just the same way as when targeting a ship.

A missile launched from a standup cruise missile launcher on a Fortizar would take 289 days to reach a target station that is only 1 AU away…


Thanks, people seem to forget how large distances in space are and that burning at a couple thousand km/s is not going to get you anywhere soon within a system that’s a couple AU across.

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It’s been a while did they remove the ability to put structures on grid with each other?

Not that the idea is any better in that situation.

that was the idea. stations close to each other

again that doesn’t make the idea better…

and if you were actually imagining them being on the same grid what’s the point of needing a beacon?


idk about this … i would preffer a beacon that drains assets from stations.

OR OR… A fuel syphon like the POS one?.. What a concept guys are thinking way out of the box lol

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how about a bomb I can store in my hanger and deal damage directly to the structure.

Every Station in Eve is NPC owned.

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Tthis is wrong

Station vs Station Warfare

It should say

Structure vs Structure Warfare

You might even compare it to, say… ramming… IDK, a Nyx, for example, into a station.

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