Stats of missiles

Are the stats of a missile calculated only once when launched, or are they always tied to the ship’s effects? If I use guidance disruptor on a ship that is launching missiles to me just after it launching the first barrage, will the missiles be affected?

its the tick the damage is dealt

How are the missile speed and lifetime determined, if the ship is being guidance disrupted during the flight?

I do not think Lugh is completely correct on this one, if the calculations were made at the time the damage was dealt it would be nearly impossible to account for the reductions in range due to the reductions in velocity and flight time. My guess is that the calculations are made at two separate times, velocity and flight time on the tick when launched and the damage side as Lugh states on the tick when it hits.

How are they calculated, again my guess here is this.
Each missile has a base velocity and flight time, those are modified by ship bonuses, skills and fittings for the ship / pilot that launches the missiles arriving at the actual values used by the rest of the calculations in game. On the other side the guidance disrupter would undergo essentially the same set of calculations to arrive at the values used.
When the missile is launched the game would take the values from above and then adjust the velocity and flight time of the missile to arrive at the actual values that will affect that specific missile or possibly that entire volley.

This basic process repeats using a different set of values when the missile hit the target.

thought you mean the sig and expvel the flight time and vel is on launch.

or at least this is what they were when first on sisi. haven’t done actual testing since

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