Statues For James 315/Aiko/Uriel The Flame/Mike Azariah

  1. Altara Zemara

…who has avoided rage quitting 4274 times, which is a new Guinness Book Of Records world record.

Also look at this elite club of EVE-O forum users:

:wink: :smirk: :face_with_monocle:


He already has a statue :smiley:

You guys are embarrassing when you show how much you don’t play :smiley:

Bro, no one wants to know your kinks.

Still. Can you say that their legend hasn’t added to the overall EVE story?


Yes, I can. Just because you like them doesn’t mean they’ve contributed anything of value to the overall game. I’m sure this’ll make you push even harder for it but if CCP ever starts putting actual griefers up on a pedestal just because handful of fanatics go on about them, that would certainly signify that it’s time to leave the game.


Shouldn’t you want that then?

So you can finally quit :smiley:

But no, objectively they have added overall to the EVE narrative.

What’s funny is showing people’s bias and including Mike, who deserves it as well, and then ya’ll throw him directly under the bus he drives.

Helping the nubs is a thankless job, as I’ve found :smiley:

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Now that you wrote that they will push for it even harder. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Statue of James 315? You had me at hello…

Right on. Those other dudes are cool too.

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Not really, I like Mike but I don’t think he warrants a statue either. He did a good enough job on the CSM and helps a lot of newbies but plenty of people do similar. TBH statues of players is a bit cringeworthy anyway, I knew they’d put up a veldnaut for Chribba but I didn’t realise they’d put up a statue too and I’ll be honest, it’s a little disappointing that they did (sorry Chribba!).

Yep, there will be a ranty blog post about it in short order I’m sure.

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Wow. You even hate on Mike. And hateon Chribba.

But then again, you don’t like helping the nubs anyways :smiley:

It does prove my theory tho.

Thank you!

Statues of james315, mike azariah, and a wizard hat - yes

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What about a statue of a Monocle? :thinking:

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Destructible statue of Hilmar when? :smirk:



That regens daily?

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You are very angry. Have you considered anger management therapy?

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OK, OK…we’ll ask CCP to do a special statue for being part of the fleet of 96 required to blap a Thorax. Now I wonder who that was…

Not sure how you get “angry” from that, but loving the MacGruber.

I still love how you harp on about me being in a fleet fight one time when I was in CFC, it’s even more juicy that you keep picking out that one single kill. Did you lose a thorax at some point or something?

It is ! Maybe I accidentally skipped the sense of humour bypass when I joined Eve.

Btw I wonder how much tritanium one would get out of recycling that statue. :thinking: :smirk: :innocent:

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