Statues For James 315/Aiko/Uriel The Flame/Mike Azariah

Herro Citizens of New Eden!

I hereby put worth for consideration the following luminaries of EVE to gain monuments for their contribution to the EVE mythology!

  1. James 315

This we all know why. Made bumping mainstream and ganking. Was the original Savior of High Sec. Sworn enemy of bot aspirants. An inspiration to others long after he left. The impact he has left on the game is measurable.

  1. Aiko

Heir to all that James stood for. Has continued on and built her own legacy. Has taught so many what EVE really is, and has trained countless others to follow in the footsteps of the original Savior of High Sec. Continues to cement her legacy, brighter than Uedama as it burns.

  1. Uriel The Flame

Came up with his ingenius bounty program. Continues to provide content to others, by making others content as EVE intended. This scheme is truly genius and deserves all praise. It even goes on without much effort, and like all the best grafts, trades on people’s cupidity and greed.

  1. Mike Azariah

Good CSM. Good guy. Helps the nubs. So often people only talk the talk when it comes to helping the nubs. Mike actually does it. He has been a fixture for a long time, and has added to the luster of EVE’s legend. He def deserves that statue.

All of these people deserve the statue. They have added to the EVE legend. They have taken the sand in the sand box, and built somewhat glorious for us all to enjoy.

Too often people say we live in a player driven universe, but refuse to get behind the wheel and drive.

These people aren’t afraid of that. One of them literally drives a school bus.

Join me and support this! Weigh in on their legend and applaud them!


I think if you did this then it could result in an inflation of ego so big it collapses into a singularity destroying the whole of new Eden.


You cannot deny her contributions to the EVE legend :smiley:

I certainly cannot deny their contributions to their own legend. :smiley:


Another terrible idea in an Ocean of terrible ideas.


How about making them destructible? Sounds like content to me. In fact, give Aiko a bunch of BPCs for hers and let her build them wherever she wants, if she wants. If people want to take them down, let them do that in battle. Perfect chance to get some payback without CONCORD interference, if that’s really what AGs want.


I propose what we need is a modification of the veldnaut monument that has Chriba riding on the back of it like it’s a sand worm.

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Holo-statues of your character, anchorable on any structure (including mobile depot), powered by a 100-million ISK Holo-Core. With a video-panel in the chest showing your character doing the “queen wave” to crowds of adoring supplicants.

Destroy the structure, Holo-statue pops, Holo-Core drops. BPCs purchaseable for 50 Plex in NES.

(CCP will never run low on cash again.)

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You forgot about Githany the Red.



Im a 3d artist, if you pay good isk, I’ll do the statutes no problem.

And by good isk, I mean relative to my RL fees, so expect 100 bil+ per statue at least, depending on the needs, if full body statue, or bust, or relief etc…

Also you forgot @Chribba.

Would be a pleasure to do this service ^^

What I would need for this are stills taken from ingame of either portraits or full bodys, straight views from all sides and angles, left, right, above, below, top, 3/4 views left and right etc… and I’d be set.

There is already a veldnaut you can visit isn’t there? I already proposed we mount him to the back of it.

He didn’t forget, it’s just this isn’t a serious post, this is just his way of trashing GD as well and C&P with all his ganker nonsense.


No to all of those, Chribba would be the only one and EVE owes him imo. Beyond that, what Lucas said (I had trouble typing that).


I want my own statue too. Me in a crown. With regal insignia. Sitting on a pile of ISK. And Zorya serving as my footstool.



That fancy crown would be perfect.


Also, would your plan include a Snuggie™ on the James315 statue??

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CCP was kind enough to give me a statue already, it’s located in Amarr.


Is that seagull poop I see?

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You look like Mark Zuckerberg from that angle.