A worrying sign , insignia and statues

It’s time to log back in to eve and resume our fight to save our empires .

Just been watching fanfest and to the announcement of alliance skins and insignia and even statues on keep stars.

For the love of God we don’t want an Aiko statue any where in empire space , if that drives you to take up arms and be ready for the fight , so be it .

Join the fight and send the Pirate Queen and her men back to low sec or even better null from whence they came.

(Ps the idea of insignia and heraldry is a wonderful idea. )


Considering the amount of in-game content (and mayhem) Safety generates, some kind of recognition is deserved.


We want plenty


I think there’s a difference between honour and recognition. I think honour ( something like a statue ) would not be appropriate…least of all at Jita. But I do think there should be recognition…which could come in many forms.

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It looks like it’s not going to be about honour and recognition, just power , which is the way of eve

The ‘power’ of gank groups is highly subjective. It depends entirely on what ship you are flying and whether it is worth attacking. I guess they have power relative to the high risk ships, but for everyone else its more a case of ’ hi…gankers’ as I zoom past. It’s not really ‘worth’ them attacking a high EHP Gnosis carrying 20m ISK worth of missiles back from Jita, for example. In fact I regularly fly right past them on such trips. So its not really the same sort of power as ‘owning’ an area. True power extends even over the small fry.

Think of the corp statues as a tiny flappy thing on top of their station.

Your frozen corpse will be placed into a cargo container inside the very station where her Magistry’s statue stands.

Praise the late James 315, the CODE, & the now The True Savior of Highsec! Queen Regent Aiko Danuja of Safety. \o/

That type of power is no longer possible. It went extinct when CCP neutered high-sec wars.

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I accept the proposal to place statues of me across the universe.

CCP is thrilled to know that Githany Red has become so obsessed with my content, that a subscription was retained (after a very public quitting).


Yeah, I’m kind of skeptical that player made statues will make it into the game. However, if they do, they should definitely be capturable and/or destructible. Let us destroy other players propaganda structures and/or collect them as trophies. As far as I’m concerned, that is what would make them truly interesting.


LOL you mean after you and Drac tantrum and fled?

Aiko is the entire reason for your EVE existence :smiley:


Lol , only the forums still doing my stuff in eve , hope your well and still do king your thing.

It is frustrating, as talk of ‘defending corp HQ’ sort of relies on people actually attacking. Otherwise, any group can just wander through…as Safety and others often do…and I don’t think ‘just ignore them’ constitutes actually ‘owning’ a region of space !

Also, given that Safety do actually have at least one structure in place…I’m not clear on why AO can’t or wont just declare war on them.

Been watching fanfest it’s nice we have an explanation what griefing is from ccp , seems clear and straightforward🤗

Never forget, Githany Red griefed newbro miner Rion Bancroft


There, I fixed it.


I’m better looking than Aiko so that’s a positive, more pleasing on the eye.

A good place would be on all the Uedema gates, with one of you kneeling before her. What do you think?


@Brisc_Rubal @ccp @eVERYONE

I have completed the design concept for an AIKO STATUE, which includes a smaller orbiting ornament, known as the ‘adoring antiganker’. One of these is to be placed next to each station, planet, asteroid belt, moon, and stargate.