Stealth Nerf or Did I Miss it in the Patch Notes

I could have missed it, but was there a change to the Retrievers targeting range? Strip miner range is still 15 KM, but the Retrievers targeting range is now just over 10 KM. Incoming rats now rotate at 11 KM, just out of targeting range.

What did I miss?

I think it’s your targeting range skills. my self that’s not possible if you have like somewhat ok targeting skills. Maybe lv 0 targeting skills it could be the base targeting range.


Found the problem. The warp core stabs have a -50% targeting range penalty.

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Think your main mistake is using a retriever. They Excel at nothing, are paper tank like covetors, and still don’t have proper mining speed bonus. My personal rule is: mining alone- procurer, mining in fleet, covetor. And those stabs won’t save you from ganking, as depending on the fits they can alpha your ship down. Also, put mining bonus in low slots and tank in rigs

Thank you for the advice. You make some valid points, but others are your opinion (which is fine). Been Eve-mining for 16 years and have had this particular Retriever for a very long time. I can’t even remember why I fitted it this way. This is not my normal fit and is only displayed to identify the targeting range issue.

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