:parrotdad: Stealthed Sucide is recruiting PVPERS!

Stealthed Suicide was created to be the home for individuals who are looking for a PVP corp that has all the mixes of pew that eve has to offer, with the exception of massive large scale bloc fights. So such as, WH Evictions, small scale roaming (micro gangs), ganking etc… Our main focus is to fight outnumbered and dumpster whom ever we happen to be fighting at the time.

We are currently based in a C2–C6/NS static which gives us a wide array of options for content. PVP is our main priority first and foremost. Typical something will be kicking around nightly in some form or fashion. As a corp we’re extremely laid back, we don’t care about killboard stats to be honest KB stats don’t mean **** other than how much fun we had.

STSX Offers the Following

  • USTZ only for the time being
  • Coms (TS3)
  • Out of game chats with discord we will use this for pings as well.
  • ISK making opportunities

What we require

  • USTZ
  • Be active, you dont have to be on every day but be somewhat regular
  • 15 Mill SP not super firm on this
  • Can fly a T2 Frig/Cruiser of some sort.
  • Have a mic
  • Have a sense of humor its a game we play this to have fun.
  • Register on our ESI.

Join our in game channel Stealthed Suicide or get in touch with me.

Happy Friday Bump!

Sounds interesting send me an evemail

Sunday funday bump…

up we go looking for pvpers who want to blow stuff up and have some lolz!


up we go to the top!

Still Looking for active pvpers to join our ranks, industrialist with teeth are also welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

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