Steam Deck Docked

I know its listed as unsupported on the Deck, but does anyone know if Eve can be launched and controlled via keyboard and mouse on a docked Steam Deck?

Well it’s just a computer so probably yes.

Steam Deck is about to be the most hacked handheld out there I imagine.

A quick search give Steam Deck - Suprisingly Stable :: EVE Online General Discussions


Oh well, not everyone can try this yet. “This item is not available for reservation in your country

Unless you’re getting a low near to #1 serial number it’s possibly not a great idea to be a first adopter and wait for the next hardware iteration anyway.

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I mean you don’t need to hack anything, its just a linux PC in a handheld form factor, no hacking required, you can even boot windows on it if you want

You should stop watching mainstream propaganda, its corrupted your interpretation of the term.

And again, there are no “limitations” to overcome, it has a full fat linux desktop distro on it and you can even just straight up install windows on it if you want, its literally just a case of making sure the minimum system requirements match up, and thats not really a limitation you can overcome, so like i said, there is nothing to “hack”

Might help if you refresh your understanding of what the steam deck is :slight_smile:

The term also is used to those that creatively create novel outcomes for uses of electronics and devices. Nothing to “break” but plenty to “create”.

Much software in open source is the result of hacking, novel use cases and outcomes.

I am a hacker, I know exactly what the term means.

You’ve simply narrowed yourself to the secondary definition of “hacker” meaning break stuff.

Sure but you don’t need to create anything either, its literally a handheld PC, it can already do anything a standard PC can do complete with being able to use an normal full sized PCIe GPU if you wanted to, its already been demonstrated, people even plugged in standard RAID cards to it, anything you can do with a PC you can pretty much already do with the deck

No problem, don’t use the stuff hackers create if it’s “oh that’s cool”.

Raspberry Pi stuff we hack around with, don’t worry, it’s just a PC. Don’t use it.

Arduino stuff we hack around with, don’t worry, it’s just a processor, don’t use it.

Oh look somebody made a cool mod for the Deck, don’t worry, it’s just a PC, don’t use it.

And i won’t be using any of those, but like i said, the deck is already a fully featured PC, you’re not going to really be adding anything to it, already runs any software you want and already interfaces with standard PC hardware, unlike your single board examples you’re not really creating anything new

No problem, don’t worry about it. Defeatest.

See the thing about “novel”, is… it’s “novel”, takes creativity. Novelty. That tends to not come from people whom set themselves up for fail from the starting gate, as you just did.

Valve even released the design specs so people could add things around it.

See Steam :: Steam Deck Deposit :: Steam Deck CAD files now available and Steam Deck / Hardware · GitLab

In the early computer days, we got entire board schematics in the booklets.

Well good luck with that, like i said, it already works with everything, and the CAD files are mostly there for people to be able to make accessories and replacement shells for it, thats not really being creative thats just valve not wanting to have to do the work of releasing 15 different colours of switch or having to make their own accessories outside of the dock :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a talked about use case for the Deck, UAV/Drone controller.

Add some sensory input devices, and you got a handheld data acquisition and display too and a lot more powerful and open than a mobile device.

Are you some form of A.I. ?

Your mind is so open, the possibity of your mind holding the highest IQ in all of New Eden is astounding.

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