Vanguard playtest on the Stream Deck

So this past weekend I play tested the new Vanguard game on my steam deck and placed sixth on the leaderboards. Definitely thanks to all my teammates who helped me achieve that. The steam deck seems to hold its own weight running the game pretty well. Albeit I chose to run it dual booted on Windows 11. This next play test I plan to play it through proton on steamos. When setting up the game to run on the steam deck the auto detect option in the settings for graphic settings chose medium for a few options but mostly set to low the game handled pretty decently, but on the low end of 20 frames a second. So I ran the game on everything set to low and the game ran at a pretty solid 30 frames a second using full resolution of 720p. I assume that better performance can be had with more tweaking. I mostly focused on playing the game and enjoying it. My setup was the steam deck docked with dual boot Windows and steamos sitting on a dock plugged in with a mouse and keyboard and ran off of a 1080p display windowed to 720p because the display is about 40in and the 720p window made the image a proper size for playing and helped with performance. Either full screen or windowed the game ran well. The only issue I did have was the random blue screen of death that I have had with similar games using unreal engine. Like the finals. I have yet to figure out what’s causing it but it’s the only issue that I’ve been having so far and I’m hoping that the switch over to steamos and proton might get rid of that. I’m sure that as long as CCP optimized the game well that the performance on the steam deck can be easily achievable because it handles ue5 decently on the low end of graphic settings.
This February play test I’m hoping that CCP has check marked the Linux support and easy anti cheat so that way steam deck players can play on steamos cuz I would like to be able to stress test the steam deck more with streamos.

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Placed 12th on this latest playtest due to BOSD’s. It was increasingly difficult. I probably lost over 150 completions. After some research I figured out the main cause. So i lowered my UMA buffer setting to 1 instead of 4 and it cleared up the page file issue with the game. I only got one BSOD after that.