EVE Vanguard Suggestion and Question

I’ve been building a PC for Vanguard needs , also for new games.
It is…
RTX 3060 12 GB
64 GB RAM 3200Mhz 2x32 Dual channel DDR4
…And even now when i read about system needs , im confused.
Vanguard should work at probably low+ maybe mid- specification to be playable…
…with forced 80 FPS in Nvidia settings.

I Think that EVE Vanguard should have Benchmark build in for test needs…Sugestion
And What game settings should i set?..Question.

I like a scrambled eggs but no really need to cook at GPU and CPU :smile:

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OK i play 2 times …both get gpu to 60’C. in 6 minutes. :smile: in 1360x768 with locked FPS to 60 in game and main menu. everything low. Best part i change fan speed to work faster in lower heat. o7

Graphics are impressive … but i do not think that playing with 80’C in gpu is safe. There needs to be more graphics settings too be turned OFF…I understand Beta , but let beta be beta not comercial. o7

OK i decide to play today , with few settings changes. Fact in 6 minutes 60’C but is stable 60’C no more. I’ve been waiting for EVE Online FPS since Project Nova first news…Thank you CCP this is gold :slight_smile: …dont know how looks a CPU Temperature in game.

About CPU temperature… If players could , please share your CPU and cooler informations during gameplay.

Man its like brand new BMW with dual injection and sport ECU … Or .308 Blackout with vertical grip flashlight and laser. Players play?